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Friday, August 30, 2013

A New Found Love of GRAY!!



I would imagine that most of you are thinking, “What is the big deal?”  "Everybody, and their brother have GRAY in their house." 

I will have to admit it is a color that has been on-trend for a very long time. However, it is not a color that I have used before in my own home.

Adams Gerndt Design Group
I have not been a fan of gray. I enjoy it in images and, in other people's homes, but it has always felt a bit dreary to me.

This girl loves her Springtime colors, happy, cheerful, crisp, and clean!!

love this
When my son asked to paint this room gray, I agreed to it. The reason I could agree is my son has exceptionally good taste, and design aesthetics, so I could trust his judgement in selecting the right gray.

Waterfront Townhome - Bedroom - Suzanne Lovell Inc.
He painted the room, and did a great job and I have to finally admit. I love this GRAY!!! 

Soft, subtle and soothing, are all perfect adjectives I like to use when describing a room in my home.

Here is just a peek of how the color is in the room……….

The wall color is Behr’s Silver Drop you can see it on the color card below:
Behr Paint Samples - we use Silver Drop and it is neutral but adds a nice color to the room.
The trim is swiss cofee, and the ceiling is a half formula of  the blue I used in my master bedroom,  as seen in the image below......... 

It is a formula I worked on with my tinter to formulate years ago for the softest, palest blue that would still read blue without looking like a baby’s room.

Here is the formula, make sure you use the lightest tint base to put the pigments in………

Blue ceiling formula  in a gallon of light tint base:


A good tinter can mix this up for you they will know exactly what the formula means.

Simple white desk gray walls 002 (768x1024)
Simple clean lines will be in the furnishings. More to do, but SIMPLICITY is going to be the look, and feel in here.

 All white furnishings to go with the white trim work.
Always more to do, and more to plan so this will be another……….

To Be Continued!