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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Pinterest, Husbands, and Romance


I have always been a collector of ideas, and beautiful images.

It was one of  the ways I gathered information for my business as a design consultant.

I could never seem to get my fill of images of beautiful rooms. 

Pinterest is fulfilling my need to collect images of not only beautiful d├ęcor, but also others aspects of interest in my life. I now have a place to put this collection in an organized manner.

We all have to face the fact that pinning is here to stay, and has probably become a bigger part of our life than we would have ever imagined, or ever wanted it to be.

With anything that takes time away from, family, husbands, and homes there can be pitfalls.

They even have some funny little sayings about the subject of the amount of time spent on Pinterest.

One of my favorites is this one…….

Pinterest Funny!

Then there is this one……….

Too too cute!!! When pinning the day can get away from you before you know it, that is for sure! KS

If only in our dreams, right?
I have my own personal story about my husband, and pinterest that I would like to share with you all………
…..Once in awhile he will send me an email from work. 

Here is the email I got from him the other morning about Pinterest……….

.........Spent some time on your
Pinterest boards tonight and really
enjoyed it! I especially enjoyed
reading the pins on your “Sayings”
board. What you pinned really shows
what a wonderful, fun, happy, loving
and devoted person you are!!

I love you very much and also wanted

you to know that
“You Are My Happy”

Can you believe how sweet this is? I love that he took the time to see, “ME!” in the things I pinned.

Men need to realize that it is not always the overtly romantic gestures that we find romantic, but it is the small heartfelt things they say, or do that will melt our hearts.


This is the wonderful man that I am blessed to be married too.

I just had to share this with my fellow bloggers and Pinners!!

Just Click HERE to go to my sayings board.

I will continue to Enjoy the Process of: