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Saturday, April 29, 2017

A Fashion Post

The Underrated Brown Leather Belt

I bet if you go and look in the back of your closet you have a forgotten accessory that can add so much to your wardrobe.....


I will admit I am not a brown loving person, but when it comes to a good leather belt, or a pair of sandals I am IN!! There is no other accessory that can be as neutral, or make a simple outfit go up a notch.

 A simple shirt dress will all of the sudden look more slimming and stylish when a belt is added.

Just look at how fun this white eyelet dress looks with a brown leather belt. Obviously I would have to wear a shorter heel and a longer hem, but this is an outfit worth copying.

Ralph Lauren's runway show using white eyelet and brown leather belt. He is the master at adding a chic looking brown belt to his outfits.

Think about adding a brown leather belt to your maxi dress and top it off with a utility jacket or a denim jacket.

Another nice addition. I can't imagine this dress without it, can you?

Brown leather works with so many patterns and colors. This Michael Kors dress is unfortunately out of stock or I just might have it in my wardrobe. Notice this belt is woven, another classic look that can add a bit of a Bohemian vibe to your wardrobe.

We all know the Bohemian look is so in right now. I tend to dress in a more preppy/classic way, but I will have to admit I always wish I could do a bit of a Bohemian look and this look is one I would be comfortable in. 

Don't forget about your white jeans and chambray shirt!! Add a brown belt and brown leather sandals and you will have an instant look of ease.

 A simple black maxi skirt and white blouse becomes a comfortable and cohesive outfit with the addition of the brown leather belt and sandals.

Another easy combination to copy.

Have fun with your wardrobe! Look in your closet and see what you can pair a brown leather belt with!!

An inexpensive option at Target!
  This is not a new look, but this is a classic look that can take you anywhere.
Here is a cute outfit found on Target's website using their brown belt on top of an Anthropologie jumpsuit, looking very current and fresh with the slide, block heeled shoe. 
  A cute shirt dress that would look great with a brown leather belt and sandals, found HERE!
 The perfect white eyelet shirtdress to wear with a brown leather belt for a cool summery look. Found HERE!
Now go and look in your closet and find your long-forgotten brown leather belt and see how many outfits you can add it too!!