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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Random Ideas To Try On A Saturday!

I often see ideas where people have made their own concoctions for cleaning supplies, liquid hand soaps etc. and I just pass by and usually mumble, “I doubt if that will really work.”

I have succumbed to trying one idea that actually made sense to me. I made my own fabric deodorizer, aka Febreze…….

You take your favorite fabric softener (mine is Snuggles blue sparkle), add  two tablespoons to the bottle and two tablespoons of baking soda (a natural neutralizer.) Fill the bottle with hot water, shake and Voila!!! I made some and sprayed my sheets, and furniture now my house smells like clean laundry. Upside is it is only about $.15 to make instead of almost $6.00 a bottle of Febreze.

Who knows what concoction I will try next? I have my eye on the carpet cleaning solution!

This next idea is so easy and practical. When I saw it I actually thought, “ I wish the wrapping paper manufactures would do this so we would not lose the first roll on the paper roll due to the tape peeling off the paper.

Another use for a toilet paper roll!

For those of you who have children I thought this was a great idea. Fold and place t-shirts vertically so you can see each shirt without having to remove a stack.

This next idea is one of those ideas that I have my doubts that it might work, but I have to try it, just because I am curious…….

This is an outdoor light fixture hanging underneath an outdoor umbrella. It is made out of a hula-hoop and two strands of icicile lights. 

The hula-hoop is painted and the lights could be wired on or they suggested duct tape. I think that might show and look a bit tacky. I wouldn’t have this up all the time but if I were having a party I think this would be so pretty at night.

This is a handy chart to have. it would help when it came time to figuring out how far apart the shelves in your pantry needed to be placed.

I love this idea and I think I need to have my hubby make one of these.

For all of you DIYer’s I think this would be so fun to do. This could really make a plain lampshade more special. it would look great in a child's room.

We all have had left over pieces of wrapping paper. I always feel guilty when I discard a piece that is too small for a gift. This would be a way of utilizing those left over pieces……..

This last idea is something I ordered and actually have used and love it.......

Spice jar clips ordered from amazon, just click on the link under the picture and you can go to amazon if  you would like to order them too. I highly recommend these!

Just another random post for a Saturday. I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend. Now don’t forget to try the homemade Febreze, it really works!

“Enjoy the Process!” Of :

Trying some clever new ideas!