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Monday, July 9, 2012

Simple Solution To Keep Track of YOUR Drinks


I don’t know about you all, but in the summer months my family goes through lots of bottled water.

Since we have a pool I prefer plastic out by the pool, so we will either use plastic bottles, or cups(don’t worry, we recycle!)


 “Uh, excuse me, but I think you are drinking my water!”

I came up with a simple solution, or so I thought! Just put your name on the drink with a marker. 

Sounds like the perfect solution, but not everyone knows where I keep my marker, and if they do, they won't always go to the drawer to get the marker, so I came up with a better idea!!!


Marking our water bottles 011 (800x600)
Keep the marker in the refrigerator next to the drinks!!!

Marking our water bottles 013 (800x600)

Velcro is my new best friend.

I placed the self-stick prickly side on the edge of the shelf in the door.

Marking our water bottles 014 (800x600)
The fuzzy side was placed on the marker.


Marking our water bottles 015 (800x600)
Now everyone can put their name on their bottle. 

No more waste! No more half-full bottles sitting around!!

I have done this all summer and so far I must say it has worked beautifully.

If you have the same problem in your house, try it, I think you will like it!!!!