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Friday, July 27, 2018


It's been awhile since I have written anything about skin care.  I try very hard to take good care of my skin and as with most of us, I wish I had not sun bathed in my teen years.

Since I did, I try to at least take care of my skin in the best way I know how. If you have read this blog for very long you know that I started using the Korean Skincare methods. You can read about it Here!!  

Repeat Purchase!

One of the products that is an absolute must for this time of year is their sunscreen. I don't use it on my body but absolutely love it for my face. It's different than most sunscreens I have used. 

Here is what they say on there website......

a perfect lightweight sunscreen that gives powerful broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection as a staple in your daily skin care routine. The Mild Essence formula prevents sunburn and premature aging with SPF 50/PA+++

Here is what I have to say about it!......

It goes on easily, no white residue, lovely scent, doesn't sting my eyes, and it WORKS!! Love this stuff!! They also have one for people that have oily skin if you tend to need less moisturizing products.

If you need a good sun block for your face this is the one for you, you can thank me later! 

This next product is something I have read about forevvvvver,  but am just now trying and I must say the hype was true.

Here is a little secret.... I'm a mouth breather when I sleep, yes, not very attractive to think about, but  we mouth breathers  get dry lips so I have been putting this on my lips at night and I have to agree with all the hype. It's great!!

My favorite lip gloss is still the Laura Mercier Lip Glace in ROSE! Love love love this stuff, the feel, flavor, smell the color, the finish. My hubby likes it too when I kiss him. I don't know about you all but makes it SOLD in my book!!


This will be a repeat purchase, in fact I am almost out!! Can't wait to get it again and maybe try a new color too. Yes, I am totally addicted to lip gloss! Are you?

I'm in love with a new to me mascara that my friend told me about. NO more clumps or caterpillar lashes. This stuff is great....


It's all in the brush. As we get a bit older our eyelashes seem thinner and shorter and the larger brushes just put too much mascara on our lashes and we look clumpy and over done. This mascara can be layered on and it does not clump. This is my first tube but it's definitely going to be a repeat purchase.

This next product has lasted so long I have yet to repurchase. It truly is like water so you have to get the hang of how to apply it.


I just shake it up and put literally a drop on my middle fingers and rub in a circular motion on the apples of my cheeks I then take a brush and blend it in.  It is like water, seriously. This goes into the skin smoothly and creates a natural glowing look on your cheeks.

I will top it with the Bobbi Brown Rose Quartz brick, but just a little.


Another product that is new to me that I got as a sample and enjoyed it so much was a white truffle oil. I am not sure if it is making a difference yet, but I do love the texture and overall appearance of my skin........

I apply this after my toner and before my snail cream and moisture cream!

Yes, you read that right I use snail cream. This stuff is a must in my beauty arsenal. It truly has changed the texture and softness of my skin....

I love skincare and makeup products and always love to try new things, but what I have shown you in this post are the things that I am not looking for any replacement for. 

There are always things I want to try and will continue of the search for and loving every minute of research and the hunt.

Do you have products that you are totally loyal too and nothing will make you change it for something else. Please Share! I love girls helping girls.....