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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

How To Know When It's Just TOO MUCH In A Room!!


First I have to say this, "Design Is And Will Always BE SUBJECTIVE!" What is just right for one is not enough, or maybe too much for another. 

Throughout this post you will see images that are pleasing to me that represent my design aesthetic. These are images I have on my pinterest boards and some are years old.

To be honest there is a lot of trial and error involved until you come up with the perfect formula and outcome for your own personality.

I have always been a less is more girl and big is better in my book of tricks, but that look is not for everyone and I realize that.

It is important to know just how far you can push the envelope. Since I was a consultant for many years and tend to be very analytical I am very in tune with what works for me, and also spent a great deal of time with my clients to get a true feel of what they truly loved and needed. I would always try to stay true to who they were. After all it was their home, not mine.

There is one little test that I call, "The Morning Test," that has proven to work for most people. This is how it works.

When you are rearranging, or maybe you just purchased a new piece that you are trying to incorporate in your room, place the new piece where you think it works.

Sleep on it and when you wake up, first thing the next morning how does it feel to you? If it feels perfect then you will be able to live with it for years to come, but if you have to analyze it, talk yourself into it, DON'T do it. It will just become a costly mistake in the long run.

I find it is so much easier to see things clearly first thing in the morning when you are fresh and your mind is not cluttered with the details of the day. 

As the day wears on we will tend to over think and analyze situations and that does not always make for the best outcome.

Something else I always recommend when adding or changing accessories in a room is to take everything out of the room except for the main pieces and start by layering in the biggest pieces  first and then layer in  the smaller pieces last.

If you find that you have to change everything that you already love to make one piece work, chances are, that ONE PIECE is your problem child and it needs to be eliminated.

I hope some of these little tips might help you out when you decide you want to add or rearrange things in your home. They sure have helped me and my clients over the years.

Happy Decorating! And Remember......