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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas Paper & Ribbons= Presents!!


The next thing I need to get serious about is wrapping Christmas presents.


I went out to my garage to look at my Christmas papers and I pulled the papers that I thought would look good with the way the family room mantel is decorated this year!(pictures coming soon!) I like to coordinate!!

These are the papers that I will be using this year……

Wrapping paper 001 (800x522)

As you can see I am using a black, and white color scheme with a touch of red in my wrapping paper.

The awning stripe is what I like to call my… 

“Signature Wrap!”
I use the striped paper all year long, and just switch up the bows to go with the occasion.

By using a mixture of sparkly, iridescent, shiny, and matte finishes it keeps it more interesting.

Choosing wrapping paper is just like choosing patterns in a room and adding different textures.

Now that I have them chosen it is time to put them in their basket that I keep by the tree. It now becomes part of the d├ęcor……

Wrapping paper 008 (574x800)
I use a vintage French Market basket!

The next step is choosing ribbons to go with the papers….

I like to keep my ribbon in a basket with a handle so I can transport it easily to my wrapping area……..

flood 2012 006 (800x692)flood 2012 008 (800x600)
You can see I am using a mixture of patterns, and solids in red, white, black and maybe just a touch of green with red edges.

Now for the fun part, wrapping. When I wrap a gift I love to think about how the recipient will love what I got them,(or at least I hope that is what happens!)

flood 2012 011 (600x800)
This is the very first gift I wrapped today!! See the green peeking out of the red satin ribbon?

It is a double faced satin ribbon, my favorite kind. This does have a very fine wire, but not one that will make the bow look stiff. I don’t like a stiff bow!!


I made a little progress today……

gifts wrapped 003 (784x800)

gifts wrapped 001 (800x738)

I sure hope they love what I got them!! I still have more to wrap, but I put a little dent into it today!

Do you co-ordinate your papers and ribbons like I do?

I have one more trick up my sleeve for my packages, more on that later. So stay tuned…..

“Enjoy the Process!” Of:
Wrapping up pretty packages for your friends and loved ones!


My Favorite Christmas Ideas For The Week


If you haven’t noticed yet, I am crazy about this time of year. I feel like a little kid, and being able to decorate is a Christmas present to me.

I thought I would show you some of my favorites I found this week.

Of course it has to do with CHRISTMAS!……..

Shall we start at the entrance?…..

When I see something like this it really makes me wish we had snow in California!

I am really into stars this year. I love the organic feel of this star.

This has been around for awhile, but I think it deserves to be seen again. 

Take the top off of your ornament, hot glue it on a mirror round and use the opening to place flowers and,it becomes a mini a vase. 

I like the idea of doing this for a name place card at each tablesetting.

This is so simple! That is what I love about it. Anyone could do this at home with things they already have on hand.

Little brush trees placed in old door knobs as a stand. ADORABLE!!

Glam up your votive with a sparkly buckle and satin ribbon.

By twisting red and white pipe cleaners you get a candy cane look. LOVE!!

How perfect for your Christmas kitchen!!

I haven’t priced toothpicks lately, but I think this is so pretty and older kiddos could help make these!

These are just a few ideas! If you would like to see more of what is inspiring me this year, go to my Pinterest board for Christmas HERE!!

I need to check out my gift wrapping board because today is gift wrapping day!!

Fa-La-Laing as the day goes by and I am……..

“Enjoying the Process!”