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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Persistence and Determination Pays!!

I have been helping my beautiful DIL with the design of their Master bedroom. She wanted something at the foot of their bed to sit on to put on shoes and to hold the comforter and extra pillows while they were sleeping. In making plans for the room I had a design in mind and in that design I saw an X bench.

 We found one at William Sonoma for $1,550. Sorry not in the budget. So that began the search. She found other benches in a different style, but it just was not going to work for the vision that was in my head. Do you do that? I get a picture in my head of entire rooms and I can not get it out. We both continued to look to no avail.

Well, today that all changed!! She sent me an email of the X bench with the white upholstery that I had envisioned for a mere $149 and free shipping. I know it probably won’t be the quality of WS Home, but at that price I think we will adjust. I will let you be the judge:

Here is the WS Home X bench in a brown upholstery for $1550
william sonoma home

Now for the white upholstered X bench with free shipping for $149
Pretty amazing isn’t it? You will be glad to know that she placed the order for two of the benches today!! We are on our way to completion. I will show you some of the other elements that we are using in the room on another post.
Here is a sneak peek:
photo[1] (600x800) (2)
shade anthro (179x269)
I just had to share this wonderful deal with you all. If you are looking for an X bench you can go here to get this great deal!!
I will let you know how they look once they get them.
“Enjoy the Process” Of:
Being persistent and finding a great deal!!