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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Nighstands Can Be A Dilemma


Recently I posed a question to a group of friends that are design enthusiast. I asked them, “What do you have on your nightstands?”

The answers varied from person to person. There were common things such as phone, clock, books etc. The cutest answer was, binky, sippy cups and goldfish crackers. I loved that one the best!

The reason I posed this question is I recently purchased new lighing for my master bedroom and they are hanging lights so it has cleared up some space on my nightstands.

This is how they use to look………

Master Bed and Bath 2 001 (800x600)_thumb[5]

This is my old queen size bed, we now have a new king size bed. I still love this bed and it will be used as a guest room bed someday. This is my side of the bed.

Master Bed and Bath 2 002_thumb[4]

Hubby’s side of the bed, he has a small bachelor chest for his nightstand.
New bed and different lamps……..

New Bed 010 (800x600)
I did not style the tables knowing that I was going to have new lighting installed as you can see in this image.

Next is the image of my new lighting………

master bedroom lighting2a 003 (1024x768)
As you can see we have empty nightstands!

Since I am a girl that does not like visual clutter, it is very important to me that I maintain the calm, serene atmosphere that my bedroom has now.

So what is a girl to do?

I did what any smart girl would do...

I asked my friends and then I went to my Pin-board for nightstands called, “Nightstand Display!” and started studying what I had pinned in the past.

Let me show you some of my favorite combinations and see if you can pick up on a common thread. 

One thing I have to keep in mind I won’t have a table lamp to take up any visual space, so keep that in mind as well……..

How to Style Your Nightstand
The lamp could be replaced with a vase or an urn.

How to Style Your Nightstand

Neat and orderly. I like the cute little bowl to hold jewelry. Of course there will be no orange flowers in my room, LOL. 

I would be happy with this configuration without the lamp and just the vase of flowers. I love fresh flowers in my room.
How to Style a Nightstand or Bedside Table

Here is a drawing that has the perfect configuration. I has levels, textural interest and a nice back drop with artwork.

How to Style Your Nightstand... inspiration and best items for your bedside table

This is a clever way to fill in a large amount of wall space. Use a very large  frame and matting for a small piece of artwork.

How to Style a Nightstand or Bedside Table
l liked this image because it shows both sides of the bed. I also like the way they made them asymmetrical, yet it still looks balanced.

They kept it looking balanced by keeping the height of the artwork  the same on both sides.

How to Style Your Nightstand
Using a tray to corral all the smaller elements is a great idea. In this image the artwork is hung to the side wall of the nightstand, yet it is still a part of the vignette.

I will have to admit that for my own home creating a pleasing vignette on my nightstands is difficult for me due to the fact that I do not like visual clutter.


Something very special is coming my way, and when it gets here I will be creating my very own vignette on my nightstands.

Did you pick up on one common thread in each of the above images?

I will keep you all posted!

Do you all have a hard time with your nightstands? Did you get any inspiration today?

(all above images and their original links can be found on my pinboard, HERE!)