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Thursday, May 13, 2010

“ Effortlessly Stylish”

I was reading a blog post over at Nest Egg the other day. If you have a chance be sure and visit her blog. It is written by the very talented interior designer from Nashville Tennessee, Rachel Halvorson. Her design aesthetics are exactly what I am writing about today. In one of her post she used a phrase that stuck in my brain, Effortlessly Stylish!! I liked that phrase. I pondered on it for awhile and I thought, "That is exactly what a room should look like!" Not contrived, but a room that was a process over time with the outcome   Effortlessly Stylish. You know, the kind of room you look into and then  have to take a second look to take it all in because there is something different , something special, something effortless?  I know design is subjective, but I thought I would show you what is Effortlessly Stylish to me and what is contrived or obvious. IMHO!

First, I am going to show you a room that looks contrived to me. You know -the room where it is obvious why they put a certain pillow to match a certain lamp to go with the color in the painting etc……

I have actually used this picture as an interesting color combination but everything in this room is an obvious choice. Don’t you think? Just because it feels contrived to me does not mean that it is still not done tastefully. This is still a gorgeous room, just a little predictable.

Next, lets look at a room that is Effortlessly Stylish……….

This lovely room was designed by Julia Buckingham Edelmann of Buckingham Interiors. You can go here to see her portfolio, she does amazing designs. She is also one of the author's of Material girls blog be sure and visit her blog.
Now in this room we also have matching sofas, matching ottomans. Why is this room more interesting? When I look at this room I notice the easel. Is the homeowner an artist? Is the painting on the wall an original piece by the homeowner. Is the armoire an inherited piece or is it an antique? Do they like to collect unusual baskets or did they get that on antiquing trip? Is that a sculpture on the little side table? What is that side table made out of? Notice how many questions of interest this room evokes. I think that is part of having an Effortlessly Stylish room. A room that makes the viewer think.

Another beautifully colored room, but there is no element of surprise or interest. It is all very obvious why each piece was picked out and placed where it was placed. Although it is a beautiful room, it does not have the qualities to be Effortlessly Stylish.

Interesting:4daeeeaef3ad[1]Everything in this room is interesting!  I wonder who lives here? Notice the purse in the chair with a coat tossed on its arm. The lighting fixtures alone give this room so much style. I really want to know who lives here and did they get their lighting in Europe?  This room makes me take pause and I want to look at every little nuance.

As much as I love a blue and white room and a blue and white striped rug this room is so obvious in its decor. Notice the pillows match the valance on the window. They have a sailboat picture with a lantern and of course a seashell. If this room had some interesting artwork or a coffee table that did not match the sofa it would look so much more interesting. This looks as if they purchased the furniture off the show room floor. Are you starting to get the picture between contrived and Effortlessly styled?

Every piece in this room looks as if it could tell me a story. Even the matching urns look as if they have a story to tell. This, too me, has that Effortlessly styled quality.

In this room we have the red lamp that goes with the red lacquer tray that goes with the reddish leather chairs that go with the magazine holder in the corner. I find this room to be very contrived.

In this room we have two matching chairs and an ottoman, but look at all the interest in this room. The texture alone is amazing. The beamed ceiling the old stone fireplace with the amazing oversized damask wall paper!  On the floor a cowhide rug. A beautiful piece of artwork over the sofa. Effortlessly stylish.

As much as I love the colors in this room, oh my! It matches to the hilt!! Even the flowers are matching the blue hues in the furniture and the rug. I love symmetry and I have admitted that in previous post, but this is a bit too much for even me.
Interesting:suzanne kasler
This last room is done by Suzanne Kasler!! What can I say the room speaks for itself. Effortlessly Stylish.

I hope in showing you all of these rooms and comparing them, you will start viewing rooms from a different perspective. I know I will. I must admit I think some of the rooms in my home are contrived. I need to shake it up a little bit and add more interest. One thing I learned in thinking about this is that a room has to have texture and interesting form and some wonderful art or art objects to make it have that Effortlessly Stylish look that we all hope our rooms have achieved.
“Enjoy the Process” Of: Finding an Effortlessly Stylish look for your own home.