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Saturday, July 8, 2017

What Do I Carry In My Beach Bag!?

In my youth I was a sunbather, baby oil and the whole bit, but in my mid 30's I realized I was damaging my skin so I stopped laying in the sun to get tan, and if I was out at the pool I was sure to have on sunscreen and a hat.

It became all about protection!!

Over the years I have pretty much stayed out of the sun, but since we have moved to our new home we have a beautiful resort style swimming and spa area that I truly enjoy.

Since I want to be able to enjoy the pool area and some of the activities they offer here, I make sure I have what I need to PROTECT against harmful rays!!

So here is what I carry in my beach bag and it is all about protection! Oh and I must admit it also about  what smells nice too.

Lets start with my hair. When I shower in the morning and know I am going to the pool I leave the conditioner on my hair and put my hair in a pony tail and under a hat.

 I make sure I have a hat that will cover my face and the top of my head. As much as I love the look of a visor, it doesn't cover the top of my head and hair and that is what I am trying to protect.

I absolutely LOVE the large brimmed hats and they look fantastic, but I have not found one that I can lay my head back and relax on the lounge so I opted for a hat like this where the brim is only in the front and sides....

I purchased it in a pretty turquoise since that goes with most of my suits. I also purchased a black one from another company. I wore it today for water aerobics and it worked out very well too!!

I am thinking about getting this one in another color because it fits so well and does what I need it to do.

My pony tail can either be tucked up in the hat or hang out of the little hole in the back.

If my hair is out or if I take my hat off to swim. I will apply a sunscreen on my hair. Right now I am using Oscar Blandi, but I just discovered they no longer carry it so I am on the hunt for a new hair protectant.

Here are a couple I will check out....

This seems to have good reviews so next time I am in Target I will see what I think after I smell it. I want protection, but I also want to smell good too!!

This one sounds heavenly so I am going to Aveda to smell it as well. I am all about the fragrance as well as the protection.

Next comes my face!! I used Neutragena dry block for years until I found this one....

Here is what it says on the site......

a perfect lightweight sunscreen that gives powerful broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection as a staple in your daily skin care routine. The Mild Essence formula prevents sunburn and premature aging with SPF 50/PA+++

Here is what I have to say about it!......

It goes on easily, no white residue, lovely scent, doesn't sting my eyes, and it WORKS!! Love this stuff!! They also have one for people that have oily skin if you tend to need less moisturizing products.

If you need a good sun block for your face this is the one for you, you can thank me later!

Next is an overall sunscreen. I found this one while visiting Maui years ago and also a good friend recommended it to me. I fell in love with the scent and found it works beautifully.



Goes on easily has a bronzer in it which is a nice little addition. I don't really see any difference in my color, but maybe if I had a tan I would. I am very pale!! It is a broad spectrum and again I have to mention the fragrance, it smells like summer, or maui to me!!

When I get warm and want to freshen up and re-hydrate my skin a bit I use an all over body and hair moisturizer. I have used this for years and I have a couple of bottles left because when I found it I would stock up. Apparently that was a good thing because I can no longer find it.....

 I am so sad they don't make this anymore, it smells heavenly and feels so good when you are out in the sun. I even carry a small spray bottle in my purse if I know I am going to get warm outside, very refreshing.

I have ordered a new one to try by Paul Mitchell


I sure hope I like this one, I will keep you posted!!

I use a lip balm by Hawaiian tropics in a flavor that they no longer make, but I have a dozen in my refrigerator for safe keeping. I get this particular flavor because I like it and every time my hubby kisses me he says it taste good too, LOL! Who Knew!?? Once mine is gone I will be on the hunt for a new flavor, they have a coconut one that sounds good to me!!

The important thing is to protect our lips!!!

I carry a lip crayon for a little color as well and also a wide tooth comb to use on my hair. Always use a wide tooth comb on wet hair so you don't pull out your hair, a brush will tend to do that!! Owey!!


Then of course there is a beach towel and a good book!

Right now I am reading.........


If you want an excellent beach read this is one of my favorites by my friend Kristy Woodson Harvey.......


I had a hard time putting it down and was sad when it was over, but she is writing another one!!!

One last thing I always have a bottle of water, hydrate, hydrate!!!

Have fun at the beach or pool!! What are some of your favorite products? Please Share!!