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Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Pet Peeve of Mine!!

How Welcoming Is Your HOME?

How do you greet your guests at the door? I am sure most of us have a welcoming greeting to those who visit our homes.

Remember how we use to see a “Welcome” sign at the  front door?


You would enter knowing you were welcomed. Sometimes in the entry hall there would be another reminder, another sign of welcome…..

Don’t misunderstand me, I don’t think you have to have an actual sign to make your guest feel welcomed. I truly believe it is the host or hostess that will  make their guest feel comfortable and welcomed.
Having said that, I think there is a sign that can make a guest feel unwelcome!

Really!? You want me to take off my shoes before I enter your home?

I remember the very first time a client asked me to take off my shoes because she just had new carpet installed. I was a guest in her home and she asked me to take off my shoes!!! I was so tempted to say, “ I would, but I have this horrible foot fungus so I probably should not take my shoes off!!” I know I am being a bit dramatic about this situation, but this is a real pet peeve of mine. I find it offensive and not welcoming in the least. Too me, it says my home's cleanliness is more important than your comfort.


I realize that in some countries it is a sign  of respect  and we show honor by removing our shoes, but in our country, when it's a matter of a clean floor, it's lacking in hospitality.

I am a practical girl so I can see where it would be very beneficial for the family that lives there to take their shoes off when they come home. I am sure it would make the carpets last a lot longer than mine have lasted.  So I do see the practicality of this way of thinking. I think this sign below would be darling in a back door mud room for the family members, but not at the front door to greet guest.

I have actually had some guests come to my home and they want to take there shoes off because they don’t want to get my floors dirty. I practically have a fit right then and there. My guest comfort is much more important to me than my floors remaining clean.

After my guests leave I can clean until my heart is content. While my guests are in my home, I want nothing more than for them to feel like they belong here. If they want to put up their feet and relax, I  consider that to be one of  the nicest compliments to me that they feel very at home here.
So know this…….. If you come to my house you do not have to take off your shoes!!!

 How do you all feel about this way of thinking that has become in vogue in our society?
Please let me know your feelings on this subject in a comment. I am really interested in how others feel about my pet peeve.

Kathysue Is Enjoying the Process Of:

Visiting with her guest with their shoes still on!!