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Tuesday, May 20, 2014


It might not seem like a very big deal to most people, but for this gal today was a very big deal.

I finally got to put a vase of flowers on my new, NOW SEALED, marble counter tops.

P1130911 (800x600)

You can still see blue tape on the cornice, and the wall at the end of the bar with it’s patch job waiting for some new paint. (I have to figure out what color to paint my family room! Insert, “I’ll think about that tomorrow!” (this was said with my best Southern accent.)

You see we just got back from a ten day trip to the  South so I can be Scarlet if I want even if I am a California girl!!

There are still things to do in the kitchen, and once we get caught up on the laundry, and our rest we will dive back in, but for now I am just going to sit back, and look at my pretty flowers on my new marble counter tops.

P1130919 (800x600)

BTW:  Did you all read the Special Announcement at the top of my blog? 
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