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Monday, November 19, 2012

The Pit-Fall of Writing A Blog During The Holidays!


Yes, there is a pit-fall if you write a blog during this time of year.

You get all inspired about the Holidays, you write down all of your plans,  all of your ideas not just for  your wonderful readers, but for yourself too.

By time the Holiday actually gets here you are DONE, at least mentally!!! 

It feels as if you have already, planned, decorated, cooked the meal, set the table, and even eaten the meal.

The reality is none of the above except the planning has actually taken place.

It is almost anti-climatic!!

Do any of you feel that way?

I think we need to have our Thanksgiving like the Canadians do, in  October. That way there would be more time between the two holidays.

I know I will get all excited once I start cooking, and think about my family arriving, but I am being honest here I need to get my mo-jo back!! 

So this morning I am calling in the troops.......

I bet you didn’t know there were really Thanksgiving Elves, did you? Well there are, and I have called in mine for help!

May the Thanksgiving Elves be with
YOU Too!!!!