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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I have a love for letters or numbers in design. I use a letter “P” in my own home and I have several displayed throughout.

On  the Mary Tyler Moore show, Mary  had a very large “M” on her wall. I believe that was in the early 70’s and that began my love of letters on walls. I had a letter “P” on a bookshelf very much like her letter, “M.”  In my boy’s bedrooms I had their names on the wall.
mary tyler moore (540x405) 

This is a design element that has stuck with me much of my adult life.

I have images of displays that are done with letters that I have saved in my files.

I actually saved this display as inspiration for the playroom re-do I am working on

A nursery done by Sarah Richardson.


I love this idea and have thought seriously about using this in my guest room. What do you think?


I am so excited because yesterday something came via a little brown truck in a great big package!!
It came from Grandinroad catalog!!
2 (282x282)
A Great BIG TWO Foot Letter “P!”

It only came in antiqued yellow so I will probably be painting it, but it is so amazing!!! It doesn’t take much to make this girl happy, does it?!!

The letter is made out of metal and it has an antiqued finish and I actually do not mind the yellow at all. I need to put all the other elements together to determine if it will look better painted another color. I have a couple of good options up my sleeve.

So now I have added yet another letter,”P” to my collection. I did a post on all my letter “P’s” HERE if you would like to see them.

Do any of you decorate with letters in your homes? What are some of the ways you have used them?

“Enjoy the Process!” Of:

Using Letter’s as a design element in your home!