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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Another Color Combination to Think About?!!!

As I wrote in my previous post, I like to find images showing color combinations that I plan on using in a room that I am designing.

Today I am going to show you another color combination that I will be using in the same room re-do.

 I know that sounds a bit odd, but you will see once it is all pulled together!!! I promise.

So today’s color combination I am contemplating is a little more feminine than yesterdays combo……..

zuniga interiors (354x375) (354x375)

Zuniga Interiors

5 (400x556)

3 (640x427)

4 (320x409)
A little more salmon than pink but I love the mix of navy with the pinks!!

9 (566x408)

11 (400x600)

12 (470x594)

10 (597x600)

7 (500x626)

17 (400x600)

8 (350x280)

elements of style blog (600x453)
Elements of Style Blog

Tobi Fairley (506x523)
Tobi Fairley

16 (460x360)

amanda nisbet via House Beautiful (360x460)
Amanda Nisbet via House Beautiful

1 (300x300)

13 (480x365)

Emily Clark (600x450)
Emily Clark

Now that you have seen this color combination how do you think I plan on tying together it together with yesterdays color combination??? 
6 (460x360)
With this color combination?……….. Hmmmm, very interesting!
5 (400x556)
untitled (430x444) 1 (277x182)
Come back tomorrow and I will show you some of the elements that will be going into the room and I think the puzzle will start to make more sense!!!

“Enjoy the Process!” Of:

Pulling together puzzle pieces to make a cohesive room!