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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Look What Sherry Did For ME!!!!

With every room design, or re-do there has to be a plan. I am a big planner!!! I have to know what direction I am headed before I venture out. I know there are those who just go for it, and often times it works for them, but in my life I have to have a general over-all plan of where I will possibly end up.

I have talked about how important it is to stay true to who you are when it comes to designing or choosing elements for your home. I personally have a very fine line with what will be pleasing to my eye.

Not too many people get me!! Recently through some fun email conversations with the ever-humorous, talented Sherry Hart from Design Indulgence blog,  I told her of my plans for my family room that was going to change due to the fact of my recent purchase of a new green and off-white striped rug from Wisteria. In just a few conversations, Sherry got me.

She actually took it upon herself to put together a poly-vore board for me. That alone impressed the heck out of me. To think that someone would do that for me. I am the one that is usually helping someone with their room design. I have never been on the receiving end. Let me tell you it almost overwhelmed me that someone would be so generous, but that is Sherry!!!! Generous to a fault.
Let me show you what she put together for me……

untitled (500x500)
I could not believe my eyes!!!She nailed it!!! I loved each and every element she applied to the room. She added the white chairs because I mentioned the possibility of maybe some in my future.
A couple of the elements I had considered already, such as the wooden turned lamp and the rustic basket. I already had some blue and white porcelain, but not mixed with the white.

 What I had not seen was the amazing green embroidered pillow. I also loved the black sconces and the wood octagon mirror. I had thought of using a basket for a coffee table but not a rough metal and wood table.

I know that she has been such a wonderful, and faithful reader of my blog. She is a true designer, she obviously listens and observes. I imagine she had a clue from seeing what I liked and what was already in my home, and she came up with a wonderful combination of elements that she titled: Nantucket Family room!! I love that!!

If I had to describe my style it would be Casual-Elegance. I require light and bright with a fresh crisp color pallet. I love symmetry and I lean more towards a traditional feel.

Sherry did tell me this:

"I just tried to keep in mind the pictures of your home by looking at your home tour. A little casual, not country, not beachy but more sophisticated and classic, timeless."

I feel that Sherry truly gets me!!! I admire her design aesthetic and I would not be afraid to ask her opinion because I know this blogging friend truly gets me!! Thank you Sherry for diving in and doing the poly-vore inspiration board for me!

Now I need to get that basket from Pottery Barn and a couple of mirrors and I am set!!!
“Enjoy The Process” Of:

Getting wonderful design advice from a generous fellow blogging friend!!