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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


When I did the post on being brave one of the rooms I wish I was brave enough to do was an all white room. In looking at all white rooms something emerged. I saw the shapes,scale,and proportion of the design. Not just the patterns,color and the style.  I thought it might be fun to do a black and white image post to see what rooms are more appealing to me when they are void of color.
I find it so interesting when an image is black and white I notice the outline of the piece more. Do you? The scale and proportion are more evident. Let’s try a few more.
All the furniture is very straight lined in this room. I notice the sculptural affect of each piece do you?
securedownload[7] (3)
securedownload[7] (3) 
I am amazed how much more the shape of all the pieces stand out. This is a good study for me. I don’t know about you but I am loving how each piece takes on a new life. Nothing is joined by color or even pattern to my eye. It is all about shape,scale and proportion.
When I compare the colored images I notice the textures and patterns more. In the black and white images I am getting a better sense of each individual piece in the room. I just find this so interesting.
I think when an image is black and white my eye stops at each individual piece.
I had fun doing a comparison of how my eye sees a room in black and white versus colored images. Did they look different to your eye? I know I am a detailed person but they truly look very different to me and I was amazed at what emerged in the black and whites. I think I should try this with some rooms in my own home. What do you think?
“Enjoy the Process”, Of: Making new discoveries in design.