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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fresh Produce Can Make a Pretty Arrangement

The last weekend of summer is officially here!! I know many of you are off camping, boating and barbecuing. I on the other hand am staying at home and enjoying some beautiful produce from the local Farmers market.

It is so fun to buy local produce. I had to get some of the many varieties of small tomatoes. They come in all different colors, sizes and shapes. Red peppers, cucumbers and fresh crisp grapes, YUM!!

I also had to buy some flowers that had a  Fall look so I bought some pinky/red small mums with yellow centers and yellow lilies.

As delicious as all the local produce is to eat, I have to take advantage of its beautiful colors and put them out to display in simple bowls on my counter top. It does not have to be an expensive floral arrangements to be beautiful. Sometimes just simple flowers in a vase or a bowlful of fruit or veggies is equally as beautiful. Or at least I think so. I will let you be the judge.

labor day farmers mrkt 002 (800x600)
The light was coming in the window at an angle and it looked so pretty. I had fun taking pictures, I hope you don’t mind seeing a few?!

labor day farmers mrkt 010 (800x600)
labor day farmers mrkt 007 (800x600)
labor day farmers mrkt 013 (800x600)
So there you have it!! Next time you visit your Farmer’s market or even your local grocery store produce department. Look at the fruit and veggies as a still life and have them out to look at and enjoy their beauty before you gobble them up!
“Enjoy the Process”: Of
 Displaying your produce in an artful way and the Extra Day Off!!!