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Friday, March 30, 2012

Ideas to Ponder On A Saturday!


I don’t know about  you all, but it sure seems as if Saturday rolls around more quickly than it use to.

Are you ready for some Great ideas?

Here we go……….

This idea is so logical, I really can’t believe I did not think of it before…..

This should help out next time you go to hang a picture.

Toothpaste! Mark it with toothpaste! Genius!

Speaking of walls how do your baseboards look?

If you need to beef up your existing baseboards, or if you just need to hide them because they are less than attractive, this product is for YOU!

This base board is made to fit right over you existing baseboard. Genius!! Boy, this will save some of us a lot of work. My hubby also brought up the point this would be great to run your cable or speaker wires, out of sight out of mind!!

I drink a lot of water every day. I like lemon or lime in my water, but when I have a bottle of water I usually skip adding it, but now I don’t have too!

Seriously! Some people just think of everything. This is one of those that I said out loud, “Now, why didn’t I think of this?”

Drinking water is good for our health, and so is eating properly. 

We all want to teach our children how to choose good foods to eat. I thought this next idea was a great way to not only teach your child,but to give them the control of making good choices for themselves.

A Lunchbox center!

Each drawer holds pre-selected (by Parents) food  that they can choose from. 

The only rule is they must take only one from each drawer. 

So however you break up the food groups for their lunches, that is how you would create a drawer and the selections that go in each is totally up to the parent, but the child feels as if he is making the choice.

I think this is a win-win situation, eating properly and teaching how to make choices.

Speaking of the kiddos, if you have a little one that is going into the big-kids bed, and you are just a wee bit timid about the possibility of them rolling out of bed.
Take a look at this!……..

A big noodle that is normally used for the pool is placed under the fitted sheet, and it will prevent a roll out of bed.

I think the concept of this idea is great. The look, not so much. 

You could make it much more attractive,but the concept is to get the shoes off the floor and this works. Just make it prettier, Okay?

Speaking of attractive, I love this next idea for your kitchen……

Emily Clark made these for some inexpensive art for her kitchen. I just thought this was adorable.

Speaking of kitchens and DIY art, this next idea is a great concept.

Isn’t this a cute idea. I am not crazy about the frame but I love the concept.

This next idea is kitchen related also………

I love this piece. Baskets are so useful and attractive and this is a great way to store your potatoes and onions.

So there you have it, some ideas to ponder on Saturday.

 Easter is , only one week away, Yikes!!!

I will leave you with this one last bit of information. If you are having Easter dinner, and you need a reminder on how to properly set the table here is a good diagram for you……

That should keep you all busy for the rest of the weekend.

Have a wonderful weekend with family and friends.