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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Playing House!!

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Remember when you were a child and you use to play house? I use to set a little table pick weeds, you know the pretty little yellow flowering weeds(dandelions) and put them in a jar in the center of a table. Even if we just had a blanket on the front lawn, each and every corner of the blanket was either a living room, kitchen, or bedroom. Oh the imagination of a child!!

I have talked to a couple of friends in the last few days and we were talking about Fall decorating and how fun it is to be home and “Play House.”
Playing house to me is not a big undertaking but simple little things that I do that just make me happy and content.

  1. Pick a flower or just greenery and bring it inside and place a vase in the bathroom, kitchen window sill or on a desk.

  2. Clean out my sink really well and shine it up with window cleaner.
  3. Spray linen spray on bedding and furniture.
  4. Fluff up the pillows to make them nice and plump.
  5. Light a candle
  6. Turn on little ambient lights
  7. Play soft music and hum along.
As you can see from my list, none of these things take very much effort, but can bring so much pleasure and contentment. I guess it is always the simple things in life that never disappoint!
What are some of the ways you play house?
“Enjoy the Process” Of:
Playing as a grown-up and doing some things that bring back that childhood joyful, contented feeling.