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Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Softer Side Of Fall


We all have our own thoughts of what Fall looks like in our minds. Today I thought we would step outside the box, and look at what I like to call, “The Softer Side Of Fall!”

softer side of fall

You might be viewing some elements, and color combinations that you would not normally think of when you think of Fall.

I hope this post opens your eyes to a whole other side of Fall, the SOFTER SIDE!

Softer hues, but still they can be considered Fallish when combined together.

You will read the word Fallish on my blog quite often. I use this word because I don’t use your typical Fall/Autumnal colors, and the word Fallish just seems to fit.

harvest pear

Look to nature for your cues on the softer colors for Fall.

tree silohuettes for fall mantle
By adding the silhouettes of trees it is a reminder of all the leaves that fall in the Fall.


I use ornamental kale for my Fall plantings every year. Just look at the beautiful soft colors that are in a Fall cabbage.

veggies to use in a Fall arrangement
Speaking of nature, just look at what Mother Nature has to offer for the softer side of Fall. These are actually all the produce and foliage I used one year for my Thanksgiving centerpiece……

I am sure all recognize the green and white stripe wallpaper in my dining room.

Beautiful blue/green pumpkins with blue glass and  blue table make for a beautiful Fall display!

softer side

Soft golds, grays, and a touch of teal makes for a soft feel for a Fall room.

Adding baskets just adds to the textural changes in the room. Baskets are something I love to add to my home for the Fall.

softer side
Muted, or softer hues can be equally as beautiful for Fall as any of  the typical autumnal colors.

wood cutting boards
Beautiful Fall vignette.

fall sweaters
Fall Sweaters in a lovely soft array of colors.

sweet tea lights giving off a soft glow
You can not get much softer than Pink. Such a lovely Fall table setting.

Not many people think of Pink when it comes to Fall, but it is a lovely color to use this time of year.

.green and white for Fall

This combination would be great in my very own home. I think I need to get some dried hydrangeas for my Fall d├ęcor!

I hope this post opens your eyes to all the possibilities of the softer side of Fall!