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Saturday, December 8, 2012



2021 Christmas Tree 016 (465x800)
To many when they look at my tree they will see a tree like many others, one jammed packed with ornaments.

These are not just any ornaments, but these are memories hanging on my tree.

2021 Christmas Tree 018 (600x800)

Every year as I hang each ornament I have what I call my annual Christmas cry. Not because I am sad, but because I am so thankful to have had so many wonderful Christmas memories to hold onto year after year.

2021 Christmas Tree 019 (600x800)

I love a beautifully appointed, coordinated tree, but for this girl the beauty in her tree is found in its memories.

On My Tree You Will See…………

My youngest son’s very first pair of glasses. A sweet satin ball with his picture placed front and center adorned with beads and sequins that were placed by his little hands.
Christmas tree 2011 035 (800x600)
Christmas tree 2011 033 (800x600)
My youngest son’s first pair of shoes,  first ornament(dated 1977), and  his very first pair of glasses. 

My oldest son’s soccer buttons, and an ornament that was made out of a juice can top with red painted macaroni and glitter. It is crumbling, but it is still placed proudly on my tree.

Christmas tree 2011 041 (800x465)
A family picture of years gone by.

Christmas tree 2011 037 (600x800)
A sterling soldier that was my oldest son’s. When I gave him and his new wife his box of ornaments for their first tree, he handed the soldier back to me, and said, “ No, Mama this one belongs on the family tree!”

2021 Christmas Tree 023 (600x800)

Yes, I cried because this was always his favorite ornament while he was growing up. The sweet face in the silver snow flake is his daughter. Believe me she is sweet beyond words.

Christmas tree 2011 034 (800x600)
In the far right is a picture of her Mommy and Daddy giving me the thumbs up for the gift I gave them that year.

Christmas tree 2011 040 (800x600)

A Styrofoam sequin gilded ornament made by my middle son. The other side shows a fish representing the symbol for Christianity. He knew even as a little boy how important Christ was in our home. 

2021 Christmas Tree 024 (800x544)
There are pictures of him his very first year of Little League, a soccer button, and the little cherub with the kissable cheeks his youngest son. I think God gave him such kissable cheeks because he is a total love-bug, he gives the best hugs! The beautiful couple is his Mommy and Daddy!
Christmas tree 2011 007 (600x800)
My middle son gets rocking horses for his ornaments so I have this one on the tree representing his ornament. 

The cutie in the star is his oldest, and he is definitely a star in his Grammy’s heart……

So when you look at my tree just remember it is near and dear to my heart. That is why it is not a Christmas Tree, but it is called………….


2021 Christmas Tree 020 (600x800)
Remember to make your own special memories this year!!


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