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Friday, October 17, 2014

Benjamin Moore's Color of The Year for 2015

Benjamin Moore has announced it’s color of the year!!

It is more in the neutral category this year because this color can go with so many different combinations of colors.

Just as in nature 
GREEN is a neutral

ben moore color for 2015 Guilford green

 Guilford Green HC-116

This green is a wonderful neutral that can go with so many other colors. 

That is no surprise to me since I have used a color very similar as a neutral on my kitchen cabinets, and even on the ceiling in my living room. 

I even have a wallpaper in my entry with this color as it’s background.

Notice the color of the striped wallpaper in my dining  that resembles this color…….

P1140340 (1280x960)
You can see that this GREEN is a neutral in my home and I mix it with black and white, and cobalt and white. 

Sometimes I throw in a dash of yellow, or pink, and even a lavender in my flowers that I bring into my home.
Mixing it with Blues…..

Guilford green and blues

I chose to mix this Green with the blue family in my family room……

P1140344 (1280x960)

My family room is next to the GREEN in the kitchen and it is black and white and cobalt blue and white……….

P1140343 (1280x960)

Benjamin Moore shows Guilford green mixed with many different color combinations…….

Guilford green and navy
It is stunning when used with black.

Fall Entry Hall 2012 001 (600x800)
In my own home I have used this green as a neutral in my entry hall with black and white.

Guilford green color family
This shows even more choices in  the Green family that Benjamin Moore is offering.

Next are the different color combinations that Benjamin Moore is showing to mix with  Guilford Green…
The Blush Family

Guilford green and blush
This combination would make such a lovely room. Beautiful colors in a living room, or a restful guest room.

The Berry Family

Guilford green and berry
Berry is a natural combination when it comes to Green. It is such a great color combination. 

I suggested this combination years ago for a clients home. 

We painted the homes exterior a very similar color to Guilford Green with white trim and then a beautiful berry color for the front door, it was such a cheerful house.

Guilford green and berry 2
Even natures greens and berries are beautiful together. Always look to nature for beautiful color inspiration!!

Guilford green combinations
Here is a perfect line-up of all the colors you can mix with Guilford Green!!

Now let your imagination take over, and see what combinations you like, or that you could use in your own home.

As with any declaration of Color of The Year, it is not going to work for everyone, it just happens to be my chosen neutral in my home. As trends go…….

“What goes around comes around again and again!!”

So with that in mind, always, always stay TRUE to yourself and what you truly love in your very own home!!!

BTW: Be sure and read Emily Clark's post about Guilford Green. She did some wonderful color combinations on her blog post. In fact her post is where I read about the announcement of Guilford Green being Benjamin Moore's 2015 Color of the year!