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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Keeping Cool With Backyard Blues!!!

Since the weather is changing to a nice summery warmth my mind is going to my backyard.  I truly love my backyard, but as with any area in one’s home it can always use a little sprucing up.

I keep a file of backyard inspiration images that attracted my attention for various reasons. As I have told you before the back of my home is painted a different color than the front. The front of my home is soft yellow, white with small amounts of black. In the backyard I used cool greens and blue. I wanted a cooling down effect with our hot summer temperatures. 

Let me show you some of the images that are inspiring me right now.

So cool and crisp looking. Notice the boxed pillow frame in the stripe.  I am going to remember this as a fun look for pillows inside or outside.

White wicker looks so crisp with the addition of the cobalt blue stripe.

I like how this long narrow space was divided into two sitting areas. If this had cobalt blue pillows I think it would have such a lush cool affect.

EK2[1] Candlelight always makes everything look inviting to me.  If you add stripes to the mix it becomes perfection. In all of these pictures I am visualizing my blues and greens in place of the colors that are pictured.

Love,love,love this door. I am going to try and figure out how to incorporate it on my fence gate in the backyard. Maybe cobalt blue and white stripes. How fun would that be?

I know, I know this is not an outside area, but their is so much inspiration for me in this picture. I love the large  almost monogram looking print on the back of the chairs. 

The black legs of the chairs and the black table reminded me of all the old black wrought iron gates in my backyard leaning against the cool green walls. You see there are lots of places to get inspiration for the outdoor spaces in your home.

house beautiful
This is perfection to me. I just purchased some cobalt/navy cushions with off white cord welting for my white wicker. The addition of ferns and flowers in all blue and white give a wonderfully cool look for the hot summer days.

The two lamps on the console table are amazing. Oh how I would love a lamp out back, I am working on that idea. I am also going to add a couple of blue and white porcelain pieces with my cobalt and green pots. I love it when an idea starts to come together after being in my brain for so long.

I loved this image for the use of boxwoods and water features. I have to have water features in my yard. I do have a pool so that is a feature in of itself. 

We have connected a fountain to the pool that floats in the middle and adds a nice ambiance when there is no swimming going on. 

A couple of other elements in this image that I love is the lantern and the overhang on the door. I also like the outdoor shutters. I have shutters that my honey made for me to go with the window box.

I think this image sums up the look I love for my own backyard. Crisp white wicker with sharp tailored cobalt blue cushions trimmed in white.
The blue and white garden stool makes a great side table. I would prefer a white canvas Market umbrella. For some reason I like the basic natural canvas umbrellas more than color.

I am in love with this!! The sound of the water going into the pool would be so relaxing. I love the texture the wood brings to the area. Don’t you just want to jump into this pool?!

A couple of things that I really like in this picture beside the amazing view. Notice the band of color and pattern at the base of the chaise? Fun idea with a beach towel, You could change the atmosphere by what towel you used.  I also like the towels on pegs by the door and a large wicker basket to hold the towels right by the door. Since I have a pool this would work nicely for me.

This looks like a perfect setup to me. I love everything about this space. The canvas market umbrella mixed with the cobalt cushions on all the furniture is just what I love. In this image the addition of the black metal lanterns is a nice touch. I have some black wrought iron pieces in my backyard also and I really love the look they add.

I don’t know about you all, but I feel much cooler after looking at all these images of beautiful outdoor areas with touches of blue.
If it is hot where you are living I hope you can enjoy the weather and keep cool.

“Enjoy the Process” Of:

Making your summer environment feel cooler with the use of color.