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Friday, November 1, 2013



hello november

Even though October is a month full of family Birthdays, I am still very excited it is November. It is officially fall, and it is also time to make plans for the Holiday season starting with one of my favorites…..

I love Thanksgiving
With Thanksgiving in mind I thought I would share what I have done for our family table in the past.

Hopefully it will inspire you and me at the same time!

So for the next few days I will be showing you a table from the past. I will tell you what my inspiration was and what I started with first!

Shall we start in 2009? This is my first Thanksgiving Table that I shared on my blog. I remember I was so nervous taking the pictures……..

Ribbet collage 2009 Thanksgiving Table
This is the year I decided to do a natural loose interpretation of a cornucopia.  

It all started with the linen table cloth that I had a monogrammed, "P" placed on the corner. 

Next came the color scheme I chose soft linens, white and green. 

After the color was chosen I brainstormed ideas for the elements I would use. Natural produce in creams and greens was going to be perfect for the loose interpretation of a cornucopia, and worked perfectly with the color choices.

When looking at the images keep in mind this arrangement is almost 6 ft. long. It is hard to capture that in an image, at least it is hard for me. So please feel free to use your imagination!

Thanksgiving Table 2008 038 (800x600)_thumb[3]
The place settings were set with vintage Bakelite butter knives, white linen napkins, and black and white transferware plates that depict an autumnal setting of wheat gathering.

I used some natural wheat in the design because the plates have wheat going around the rim. It is hard to tell in the image, but the hurricane is etched with a wheat design as well.

Thanksgiving Table 2008 047 (800x600)_thumb[3]
The goblets were a mix of clear crystal and fruit embossed green glass.

Thanksgiving Table 2008 041 (800x600) (2)_thumb[3]
There was an addition of two silver pheasants and some mercury glass to make the arrangement glimmer.
That was our table for 2009!

Come back and I will show what I did in 2010!

Martha Stewart inspired my next table.