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Friday, February 26, 2010


Yesterday's post was on fences and I mentioned wanting to add a mirror to the Great Wall so with that in mind I thought I would do a post on using mirrors outdoors.
I love mirrors!  Not so much for viewing my own reflection, but for what they can view in a room; or, even outside. I put mirrors outside. I have two, soon to be three, in my back yard and one on my front porch. I was first inspired by O Magazine's cover. It showed Oprah in her yard in front of a brightly colored yellow table with a large mirror hanging among the greenery with a wreath around it covered in lemons. I thought to myself, "I love mirrors and I have a whole wall of ivy on my back fence. I am going to go and buy a cheap, inexpensive round mirror and put a grapevine wreath around it, minus the lemons." I not only have one, but I put two on that fence covered in ivy. It is so fun watching the blue jays squawk at themselves and peck at the mirror because they think it is another bird. So far no breakage and it has been up there for I believe about 8 yrs. Here is my back yard and my mirrors.....

You can see the mirrors are nestled into the ivy and they are covered with a grapevine wreath to keep it looking more of a natural element. Seriously, I just bought the cheapest framed round mirrors I could find and wired the grapevine wreath onto it and then wired the whole thing onto the ivy. I found some other images to share with you. I hope this inspires you to add some reflective mirrors to your outdoors......

I really like this idea. I have several old iron gates sitting in my garden that I could add a mirror too.

For the more contemporary home, these steel mirrors are wonderful.

Check out the garden topiaries, amazing.

As you can see the ideas are abundant. Start looking around your yard and think of some places you can put a mirror.  As in your home you want it to reflect something pretty. I hope this gave you something to reflect on. ( sorry I just could not resist.)

"Enjoy the Process" Of: Using mirrors in unexpected ways.