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Friday, June 18, 2010

To Comment or Not to Comment ?!

Blogshpere is a strange and wonderful place, isn't it? I have yet to figure out what makes it tick. There are as many varied types of blogs as their are different personalities in the real world. I have met some of the most wonderful, and genuine people here in blog land. I have also been introduced to people and places that I would have never met or gotten to visit in my lifetime.

I have read blog post that inform me, teach me, inspire me and fascinate me. Sometimes I will see a post that will have one image and maybe a few words or maybe they just type,"Loving this right now." They will get multiple comments and accolades. And yet I will read some beautiful and thoughtfully written post with a lot of gorgeous images and they will only have three or four comments. It is so puzzling to me what makes this wonderful place we call blog land tick.

Now that I am a blog writer I look at blogs in a different light. I use to peruse blog land looking for inspiration pictures and information. Now, however I also look from the point of view of how much work and effort the blog author did to put up a post for my enjoyment. I don’t take it lightly anymore!! I am sure the rest of you blog authors know exactly what I mean.

I also feel more compelled to leaving a comment so they know that I was there and that I enjoyed what I just read. I am not sure what compels others to leave or not to leave a comment, but I, for one, try my hardest to leave a comment to let the author know I enjoyed my time on their blog and it inspired me.

I want you all too know that I appreciate all the time it takes to read one of my posts and also to leave a comment. It really does mean a lot to me. Because of some of the comments you all have left I feel like I have developed relationships with some of you. Even if it is a cyber –relationship it still means a lot to me. I love that blogging is an activity that is a creative outlet and it also brings like-minded people together to share our ideas and experience.  It has also opened up a whole new world to design styles that I might not have explored before.

I am not sure how you all feel about commenting or not leaving a comment? I would love to hear your take on the subject. What compels you to leave a comment? How do you feel about a post with one picture and a few words vs. a well written post with many images? Of course you will have to leave a comment, won’t you? Boy was that a trick question!!
“Enjoy the Process” Of:
Connecting with others by leaving a comment on their blog.