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Thursday, June 7, 2012



Yesterday I went to the garden center on the hunt for some blue and white for my yard.

I did not find exactly what I was looking for, but I think I got a pretty good combination of color and texture for my flower beds.

Here is the area I will be working on……..


Backyard Blues 018 (800x600)
I love the Japanese maple in the cobalt pot and when I put anything bluish, or purple in this planter it reads blue.

The bougainvillea is really doing well this year. I also like to add a pop of bright pink with the blue and white in my yard.

Another color I love to add is a touch of lime. You can see the plant right next to the pot is a lime, waxy leaf plant. I don’t remember the name, but I love the way it is growing.

Backyard Blues 019 (800x600)
The alyssum has just about taken over this flower bed. You can see the little boxwoods trying to peek out. It is if they are drowning in the alyssum.

Backyard Blues 020 (600x800)
The pansies are getting a bit leggy so their time of blooming is just about over. I will be replacing them with new plantings. 

Let me show you what will be going in the ground this weekend…….

Backyard Blues 016 (800x600)

I love to add texture and color with the foliage of my plants. The bluish color of the verbena next to the gray and fluffy lime green is so pretty to me.

Backyard Blues 015 (800x600)
I will also be adding some lime and blackish sweet potatoe vine in my black hanging basket. I had it last year and it did beautifully………

Backyard 013 (800x600)

Last years sweet potato vine.

I will keep you all posted on my progress!

To Be continued………

While I AM, 
“Enjoying The Process!”

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