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Friday, December 20, 2013

Sometimes Design Plans Can Change All On Their Own


It all started with a plan…..

Ribbet Edit 2013 Christmas Inspirationa
The decision was made last year even before 2012 Christmas was over. 

Jingle Bells would be the star performer, and cobalt blue and different shades of green would be the colors that would be added to my black and white, and blue and white base that I already have in my home.

Christmas 2013 025 (800x600)
(pillow made by Ann Drake of Sutton Place Designs on Etsy) I added the silver jingle bell.

At the beginning of my planning stages I thought I would use the words from the song, Jingle Bells and Sleigh Bells ring, but my plan took on a life of its own. Read on to see what it became!………

I always start with my front door and this years door would not have a wreath on it, but something a bit different…….

Ribbit Boys Silhouettes on Door Christmas 2013 015 (615x800)
I decided to celebrate  Christmas past with the silhouettes of my three sons.

Ribbit Boys Silhouettes on Door Christmas 2013 014
All three at three different ages.

Next you will enter into my kitchen dining room area, this is where you will start to see the Jingle Bell become the main player…….

Christmas 2013 005 (800x600)
Jingle Bell napkin rings are hung like tiny wreaths on my cupboard knobs. A silhouette and the letter, “P,” continues the theme from the entry.

Christmas 2013 001 (369x800)
Black and white bakers twine holds a single bell hanging on the handle of a white pitcher.

Christmas 2013 004 (600x800)
If you turn around you will see my dining room table where I have a black and white buffalo checked topper on my table with a sparkly mirror as a base for my arrangement.

Christmas 2013 006 (800x600)
My Jingle Bell theme evolved into the bell on Polar Express with the saying, “The Bell still rings for all who truly BELIEVE.” 

I love it when the design takes on a life of it’s own and tells you what it wants to be.

Ribbet Edit 2013 Christmas Believe

You are about to enter into my family room where you will see our Family memory tree, full of sweet ornaments from Christmas past and my 17ft long white mantel all decked out in cobalt blue, greenery and different hues of green.

Christmas 2013 014 (800x600) framed

I used an outdoor gazing ball with lights inside in one corner of my mantel.

Christmas 2013 010 (800x600) framed
We are working our way to the center where I hung a large fresh wreath on my mantel mirror……..

Christmas 2013 019 (600x800)

I am not done with this yet, next you will see the addition that finished the look I was trying to achieve……

Believe 003 (600x800)FRAMED
We topped it off with the word, “BELIEVE!”

Believe 004 (800x600) FRAMED

Christmas 2013 018 (600x800)framed

Our tree full of memories!

Christmas 2013 001 (600x800)ribbit
Packages all wrapped up and ready for my family.

Christmas 2013 003 (800x600)ribbit

Christmas 2013 012 (800x600)RIBBIT