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Saturday, November 17, 2012

TWELVE Christmas Mantels to Inspire YOU!

If you have a mantel in your room it is most likely the focal point of the room.

During the holidays we all have visions of a warm fire with stocking hung for Santa to fill up with goodies.

I love a beautiful mantel at Christmas time, and I know I am not alone.

We creative types like to change things up a bit, year after year. It gets harder and harder to find an inspiration that sparks a new idea.

Luckily there are so many wonderful blogs, pinterest and online magazines that inspire us.

Today I am going to do a little line-up of mantels, and hopefully they will inspire you all……

Source: bhg.com via Kathy Sue on Pinterest

I love the look of a Williamsburg Christmas. I used dried oranges and apples one year on my mantel. Someday I hope to a full-on Williamsburg Christmas look.

This is one of my all time favorites. I love the simplicity of it. I am not a huge burlap lover, so the socks would probably be made out of some other fabric for me, but I love the rustic feel and texture of this mantel.

So peaceful! Sometimes simple is the right answer!!

Source: hgtv.com via Kathy Sue on Pinterest
Source: bhg.com via Kathy Sue on Pinterest

Now are you ready to go and tackle your mantel?

My mantel is always a challenge since it is 17ft long. Now that is what I call a M-A-N-T-E-L!!

For more inspiration go HERE to my post on Mantel-ology

♪ ♫Happy Decorating Let the Fa-La-Laing begin!!♪♪