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Saturday, June 12, 2010


Since I did the post the other day on my observation of fashion "Don'ts" I thought I would give a list of Summer products I like to use to prevent that Over baked skin and fried hair "Don’t" look.

I am no longer a sun worshiper as I was in my earlier years. I think I stopped sun bathing in my early 30’s when we started learning so much about the damage that the sun did to our skin.
There are times when we have to be exposed to the sun so these are my go-to products when I am visiting the beach or other sunny areas:
AT The Beach Or A Day In The Sun
I always cover my hair with my trusty baseball hat, nothing fancy just plain white or black seems to work the best for me! We have to protect our scalp and the expensive highlights, right?!!
When swimming in chlorinated water a bottle of club soda is good and natural rinse for your hair after a swim. It also looks pretty luxurious to  pour a bottle of Pellegrino over your already wet hair. My gorgeous blonde DIL told me about this one!! You can read about it here
To moisturize  my hair and skin while at the beach or pool  I use Focus 21 Sea plasma. This product smells heavenly. I will also use it to cool down all over my skin. There is nothing like a cool mist of a wonderful light fragrance.  I keep this in my beach bag at all times.
sea plasma
For protection from the sunrays I use Neutrogena's Dry block 50 SPF. It can not be beat for protection. I also like to add a little of Australian Gold just for the beachy fragrance, it smells divine.
australian gold 

After A Day In The Sun and Water
After a day outdoors and after a shower in Neutrogena's Rain bath I love to put Elemis Frangipani exotic oil on my hair before bed and I leave it on all night and wash as usual the next morning.
shower gel

To give my self a relaxing treatment, I will give my skin an extra moisture lift with L’Oreal revitalift moisture mask. These are a must all year long but especially in the summer.
I use Crème De La Mer moisturizer for my face and eye area. It is a real luxury for me, but I always go back to this product year after year.

My go to moisture body lotion is always Neutrogena. I love the fragrance and it is just an all around good lotion. I pay extra attention to my heels and toes, after all it is flip flop season. I use Eucerin Plus.(unfortunately I just found out they are no longer going to make the fragranced emulsion. They have a new scent and I don't like it very much. I am so sad I have used this product for 25yrs.)
I did a post here on all the other products I use during the year. I pay extra attention to my skin in the summer months. Age happens with the passing of time, but I think it is so important to take good care of your skin and protect whenever possible.
Do you all have some special Go-to summer products that you like to use? I would love to hear about them. I am always open to trying something new. I will have to admit all of the above products I have used for years and they never have let me down so I highly recommend them.

My next post will list the cosmetics I like to use for a nice "Summer Glow."
“Enjoy the Process” Of:
Feeling like you are protecting your hair and skin while enjoying the fun in the sun.

BTW: Be sure to read the comments, readers are giving some great tips for summer.