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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Adding Back Light After Christmas

    cozy room with fireplace and warm colors:

I am like most people after the holidays I am tired from all the fun and activities so I like to take my time and rest up a bit before diving into dismantling Christmas!

 living area:

During my resting time my mind also starts to think of things I would like to do, change, or just reorganize, and make a little better for my family. 

 Dining table:
If you are like me, once the Christmas decorations come down, my home feels like something is missing. So I thought about what can be done about that.

 .blue and white, bamboo shades, black lantern.

Christmas decor is full of life, light and texture so those are the three elements we need to add once we take down our decorations.

 beach house style


We can add light in many different ways. Of course the first thought is to add more lamps if you have them. 

Most rooms are light poor. Did you know there is a formula for how much light a room should have?


 First find your square footage (example 12ft X 16ft = 192sq.ft)

Then multiply your square footage by 1.5 .

(192 sq.ft. X 1.5 =288 watts) so that means your room will need 288 watts of lighting sources.

An average room should have approx. 4-5 lamps.
Interesting isn't it? How do you stand on the lighting issue? Do you have ENOUGH lighting sources  in your room?
 Powder Bath designed by Pulp Design Studios, featuring PULP Home Starburst Pull Starburst pull hardwar $75 from Pulp home in Feb.
The other thing you need to be aware of is that you have lighting at different levels.
Wall lighting
Over head lighting
Table lamps 
Floor lamps 
Pale Almond Benjamin Moore
Don't forget the dimmers for those lights. There is nothing prettier than a room all aglow with beautiful ambient lighting.
If you need ideas and sources be sure to check out my Pinterest board for lighting.....

South Shore Decorating Blog:
Candles are another way to add light, and there are so many ways to display them.
 ❤ Cozy:
I like a single candle on a side table, or I like to use them en masse for a bigger statement.....
 For the more formal/traditional home.

 A more casual look for a beach home or farmhouse look.

 You can use just about anything to put a candle in. Be creative look around your home, and find something you can use that you already have.
 Warm and inviting, cozy:
Don't throw out those wine bottles, they make great taper holders down the center of your table....

Before adding any new elements to your rooms make sure to start with a blank canvas. Remove all accessories first, and then and only then, start adding the larger elements first, and then layer the smaller elements as you go. Remember less is more in most cases, but I know some of you like a more is more look as well, so you just have to use your own judgement to what looks good to your eye.
I like to think of table tops, mantels etc as a stage and personally I feel there can only be one star on the stage and the rest are supporting elements.

 This is fabulous! The rustic cabinet and the HUGE clock, love it! Ive been eyeing the oversized clock for awhile...now to just find a spot hmmmmm - indoorlyfe.com:

Since we have a new home I have many places I would like to add more light, but as most, I will have to wait until the timing is right. I did get to add wall lighting in my Great room this year and it has added so much life to that room....

This was my Fall mantel. Notice the simple use of candles and baby boo pumpkins.

Same mantel decorated for Christmas.....

The candles have been moved to a new spot under the TV......

 I still need more lighting in that room so I will be dreaming along with you how we can accomplish that!
Have fun dreaming up a few new additions to your room for the winter months.