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Monday, April 21, 2014

Kitchen Update and What To Do About Barstools?


Happy Monday morning! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend with your families and friends.

The start of a new week is getting me that much closer to having my kitchen back.

This Thursday the plumber will be coming back to take off my beautiful faucet in preparation for the re-honing to take place.

Kitchen update 010
On Friday the marble slabs will be re-honed in order to get rid of the streaking and hazing on the marble.

Kitchen update 001
Being without a kitchen this long has had its challenges, but we all have adjusted, and are just grateful to have this opportunity to be able to do this at all.

Throughout this process I have been making a few plans on some minor changes to the décor.

That brings up the subject of…..


I have certain needs and wants for my barstools. They need to be….

  • Comfortable
  • Sturdy
  • Have a low profile
  • Easy to Clean
  • Clean lines
  • Need to fit three at the bar

 One more very important criteria is the color and pattern need to work with the décor in my family room.

Since I change out my accessories and pillows in my family room for the seasons, the color and/or pattern have to mix well with all three looks………

Final Fall mantel 005 (800x600) ribbit

winter look_thumb[5]ribbit

Summer pillows
spring summer look collage
Summer pillows 004b (1024x768)
Ribbet collage Summer Fabrics

Black and/or white
Blue and white

I have room for three barstools at my breakfast bar, which is perfect because I have 3 sons and that is where they ate their breakfast, lunch and snacks.

Now I have 3 Grandchildren that sit there just like my boys did.

Here are some of the bar stools I have considered……..

Ribbet collage French Bistro


Ribbet collage barstools
They all met some of the criteria, but there was only one that met all my needs and wants.

Which one of the above bar stools do you think would look the best with all of my fabrics that are used in the family room?

To see more barstools be sure to check out my pinboard on Pinterest by clicking HERE!