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Saturday, January 16, 2010


I would imagine that most of us think about the walls in  our rooms when we think of paint, adding architectural elements or accessories.  Have you ever thought of your ceiling in the same way?  As the fifth wall in your room.  I have always been intrigued by those that would paint the ceiling in their rooms a different color other than white, or the same color as the walls.  A few years ago  I decided my living room needed a different color on the ceiling.  I actually had made the decision to paint it but was trying to decide on the color.  I was looking in the sage green family.  I had three choices, one was too bright, one was too gray and one scared me because it looked a little dark.  I sound like Goldilocks, don't I?  My sweet husband was ready to paint (trust me this does not happen often, he actually hates to paint).  We were losing time because the paint store was closing in 30 minutes and this was the one day he had the time and the inclination to do the painting.  I took a deep breath and went with the one that I thought might be a wee bit dark.  The painting has been done for a long time and now when I look at that ceiling I remind myself sometime we have to force ourselves out of our comfort zone.  I am going to show you some pictures of different  treatments that can enhance your ceilings.  Some are as simple as Paint.  Some are literally a total rebuilding of your ceiling.  But they are all thought- provoking. Enjoy the view!

In the Southern states they often paint their porch ceilings blue.  Martha Stewart even has a blue paint called porch ceiling blue

I have thought about painting my porch blue many times but I am not sure it would look appropriate in a typical California Ranch in Suburbia.

How about some great wallpaper?  There are so many lovely patterns that could work on a ceiling and as you all know , wallpaper is IN again!

Another fun look with wall paper done by Jenna Lyons in Domino Magazine

Something as simple as blue paint makes this room more inviting

In my guest room the walls are painted a french vanilla and I painted the ceiling the palest blue I could have mixed, it is a customcolor that I formulated.  I love to look up and see the blue

Here is the green ceiling in my living room with a simple accent moulding to add a little architecture to the room.  This is another effective way to enhance your Fifth wall.

This bathroom has a tray ceiling and they chose to paint it gray to make it pop and to show the depth of the tray ceiling better.

This is a picture of my own kitchen ceiling.  This is what is left of the 1978 covered flourescent light box.  We kept its orignal size and form but added mouldings to make it look like a tray ceiling.  We dressed it up with the ceiling medalion and a 1940s mini chandelier.  I have its mother in my living room.  Simple and Cost effective.

Pink and green is always so sweet, they chose to add the pink in the ceiling instead of on the walls, Good Choice!

This is a ceiling that is a little more labor intensive, It is a coffered ceiling but look how interesting it is.

This room has a tongue and groove ceiling that adds so much charm to this gorgeous room done by Brooke and Steve Giannetti .  Brooke is the ever talented author of one of my favorite blogs, Velvet and Linen. Steve is an amazing architect who was just featured in Veranda magazine.

Here is a plank ceiling that has been stained in a natural woodtone.

Sorry this picture is rather small I hope you can see the destinct lines in the ceiling.  This type of ceiling is called a Groin Vaulted Ceiling.  This is definitely a more complicated ceiling treatment but so elegant and interesting

This is another Groin ceiling , I think this is a better picture.  I find this type of treatment fascinating.

Oh My!  I love this entire room.  Look at this ceiling and the wonderful mouldings and medallion that has been added to enhance the gorgeous chandelier. This is rather elaborate but imagine a simple version of this look in your own home.

Another use of just mouldings and again it is a great impact.

A picture of the medallion on the sage ceiling in my living room with the accent moulding and the dentil crown.  None of this was that costly but it really gives the room a simple elegance.  The chandelier is the Mother to the one in my kitchen, both from the 1940's

Last but not least I have to leave you with a bit of whimsy.  This is a little girls room done by designer Candace Olsen.  Too Cute!

I hope you have enjoyed this little gallery of ideas to enhance your Fifth Wall and maybe it will inspire you to do something different in your own home.  Let me know if you decide to make any changes!!!

"Enjoy The Process" of: Enhancing your room with a new ceiling treatment