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Friday, January 13, 2012

What Are Your Design Resolutions For 2012?

I did a guest post for Marilyn on her blog MS  Design Maven for the upcoming New Year. She did a series called Silver and Gold Resolutions. There were many designers that participated, in fact enough for a series of four post.

Here is the line-up of designers that participated:

  • Alisa Tarver Berry
  • Gloria De Lourdes Blalock
  • Beth Collier
  • Barbara Jordan Dettweiler
  • Barry Dixon
  • Mary Douglas Drysdale
  • Kathryn Greeley
  • Greet Lefevre
  • John Lyle
  • Mary Helen McCoy
  • Kevin McLaughlin
  • Patricia Hart McMillan
  • Slim Paley
  • Lissy Parker
  • KathySue Perdue
  • Nancy Price
  • Raji Radhakrishnam
  • Joe Ruggiero
  • Gaye Tapp
  • Mona Thompson 
  • Irene Turner
I was very, very honored to be on the same page as any of the above designers. If you have a chance to go over and read the series I think you will be just as inspired  as I was, and even surprised at times, what others would like to do in the New Year as far as their own personal design methods, and those for their clients.
Here is what I wrote:

A brand new year is here, and  it brings promise of new and exciting things in our lives.

I am not one that will usually make the traditional New Years resolutions, but Marilyn has asked me to make a Design resolution, and that seems to be easier for me to make. Plus it is  so much more fun!!

I have told myself that I need to venture out a bit with color. I love cheerful colors that make me smile so I plan on trying to add a bit more of Spring-like cheerful colors to my home.

I also love a traditional style with a twist so I want to  venture into maybe a bit more daring, and whimsical look. I am not quite sure how I am going to do this, but it will be a fun journey, and a new adventure.

As far as my 2012 color choice, it is definitely going to be Kelly or Emerald green. I use a lot of black and white as a base so this wonderful bright and cheerful green will be a wonderful mix.

Too toast in the New Year, and my new braver desire to be more free with my design and my use of Emerald/Kelly green I would have a gorgeous flute with a cranberry pomegranate spritzer.

I make mine a non- alcoholic drink with sparkling water.  For those of you that like to add champagne or Prosecco you can go here for the recipe. It always looks so festive in a pretty Champagne flute.

Of course I would have to be wearing my color for 2012 when I make a new toast to my Design Resolutions for 2012……

It was so fun to write this post for Marilyn's Silver and Gold series. These type of resolutions are much more fun than the type that will cause you work.

Speaking of working resolutions, I am still purging away in my closet, getting close to being done!!  Would you believe I purged 19 pairs of shoes and they are ready to be donated? So far I must admit it is feeling much more functional to me! Send me good purging thoughts, I can use all the help I can get!!

"Enjoy the Process!" Of:

Making design resolutions for 2012