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Saturday, July 24, 2010

A little Change Here and There!!

As you have read in previous post I make little changes in my home for the seasons. I thought it might be fun to show you all side by side pictures of the small changes that anyone can make in their home. I change out pictures and lamps as you will see in the following.
summer changes 006 (600x800)
In the fall and winter months I have this little accent lamp out,but for the summer months I bring out a touch of blue and white in this little lamp.
Summer changes 031 (800x573)
A simple and easy change that anyone can make.
My favorite things 001 (800x600)
This picture hangs above my desk in the family room for all the year except for the summer and then it is changed out to this:
Summer changes 013 (800x600)
A touch of blue and watermelon pink!!
 Mexico Cruise 092
This accent lamps resides at the end of my counter and for the summer months I change it to this lamp…….
summer changes 002 (465x800) (465x800)
Another easy change!!
fall picture change (800x600)
This sweet little bunny picture is up for the fall months and it gets changed out to a couple of different pictures………..
Summer changes 033 (800x747)
Cool blues!
Summer mantle in white 020 (800x769)
Watermelon pink coral.
As you can see, they are only small changes, but they make a completely different look in the area that they are placed! I hope you have enjoyed some of my changes that I like to make in my home!
“Enjoy the Process” Of:
Making small changes in your home!