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Friday, February 3, 2017

How Important Is Texture In A Room?


Have you ever looked at a room in your own home or even in someone else's home, and thought... It looks nice, its pretty, but something is missing. 

If you feel that way about your own home as well, 9 out of 10 times one of the missing elements just might be the "T" word, Texture
Possibly there are no differences in the textures in the room. Remember the eighties where everyone got every table and lamp in brass and glass? That is a perfect example of not varying textures in a room.


 A beautiful well appointed room will always have a good variation of textures there will be an assortment of textures ranging from rough textures, to smooth, and even shiny textures. 
Go and look at a room in your own home, do you see variations in texture? 
You can bring rough textures into your room with baskets, or sisal rugs.
A glass chandelier, or a clear Lucite block lamp for some shine. How about a smooth velvet sofa or chair? 
(Homework assignment)
Study each of the pictures in this post and try to see if you can see a good variation of textures.

Shall we use this picture as an example?

Look at the rough texture of the basket, and the brick floor. The desk has a smooth finish but on the top of the desk you will find a stack of rough and old worn books topped with a great piece of rough coral. All of this texture keeps this room interesting and not just a nice room. The use of the clear glass lamp, the bud vase and the glass french doors add just the right shine to the room therefore varying its texture. 

Notice this room used all three forms of texture, rough, smooth and shine!

This room shows a great example of texture variation as well. 
The coffee table is the obvious shine, and so is the mercury glass lamp. Do you see some rough textures? 
How about the white coral on the books, the horns, and look at the two large pieces of twisted wood in the corner. Even the small black pillow has some great texture going on. All of these pieces keep this room interesting and alive with the use of the "T" word, TEXTURE!!
When looking at images of rooms, always study the elements that are used. Every image will have a story to tell and a lesson to learn.

 Finding or adding texture to your rooms
All above images can be found on my Texture Pinterest board...