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Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Perfect ♪♫ Falala♪♫ Day!

Yesterday I got to have what I call a ♪♫Falala♪♫ Christmas day. You know the kind of day that is just full of Christmas spirit and leaves you with the warmest, loving feelings inside.

Of course to have a day like this you need the proper ingredients:

Loved ones to be with
A place with Christmas charm
A joyful spirit

All ingredients were in place and the day began with picking up one of my favorite people. We listened to Christmas music as we drove to our destination. As the song goes, we were truly, “laughing all the way!”

We arrived at our destination, and received warm hugs, and kisses from a very special lady in my life, MOM!!!

Her home was all warm, festive, and cozy with a Christmas tree that she decorates with costume jewelry all rhinestones and pearls. It is so pretty and sparkly.

We all got back in the car to go to our special Christmas destination.

I pulled into the parking lot and went inside the office to find out where to go.The lady directed me to a large area where there was a huge sliding door with a  Christmas red handle.

I slid the door open and we all three gasped because this is what we saw…………..

poinsettia farm2011 010 (600x800)

A sea of poinsettias!! WE were at the Duarte poinsettia farm where they have over 65,000 poinsettias in 35 different varieties. I have never seen anything like this before. I felt like a kid in a candy store!!

Sit back and enjoy the pictures. Try to  visualize three women that feel like kids in a candy store just full of awe!!

poinsettia farm2011 008 (600x800)

This basket was huge and had at least three gorgeous plants in it and it was only $40!

poinsettia farm2011 004 (600x800)
They had a variety of different containers for purchase with all different poinsettia, cyclamen and ferns. Something for everyone.

poinsettia farm2011 005 (800x600)
This variety of poinsettia looks almost like a rose. It also comes in pink, which was so pretty! I thought of Elizabeth from pretty pink tulips and how she would enjoy a pink poinsettia!

poinsettia farm2011 014 (600x800)

poinsettia farm2011 013 (600x800)

poinsettia farm2011 012 (800x600)

poinsettia farm2011 009 (600x800)

poinsettia farm2011 019 (800x600)

poinsettia farm2011 003 (800x600)

The three Christmas girls among all the pink poinsettias. We are as happy as we can be!!

poinsettia farm2011 022 (600x800)
Mom enjoying the view!!!

poinsettia farm2011 020 (600x800)
Oh what a beautiful view she had!

As I drove home I was thinking about the wonderful day with my special ladies, and God had one more show of color for me. Over Mt. Diablo the sky was full of ribbons of purples and pinks. It was as if he was saying, “ I have one more gift for your day that has been full of my glory!”

Yes, indeed I did have a blessed ♪♫♪Falalala♪♫♪ Day!!

Kathysue is:

Really enjoying the process of the wonderful Holiday season!