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Monday, January 11, 2010


Do you ever feel like it is a Moanday instead of a Monday?  You know you feel a little moany-groany. The weekend excitement or relaxation is over and you have to get back on the treadmill of life. You go back kicking and screaming. OK maybe that is a little dramatic but you know what I mean, don't you? Well today is a Moanday so maybe I am feeling a little blue.Wait a minute, BLUE I really like blue!! I feel better already. I know either you like blue rooms or you don't,but I realllllllly do. In fact I have always had either a blue bedroom or had blue as the dominant color in the room. I Know you have to be very careful in choosing the right blue. Always go on the gray side of blue or you will have something that resembles a robins egg or a Little Boy Blue bedroom. I thought I would show you some blue rooms that have been done right.

Gorgeous, I mean it is just Gorgeous, soothing, peaceful and restful.  In my mind everything a room should be .Notice how they upholstered the alcove behind the bed and the great moulding around the opening. Let's talk textures, we have shine, brass and glass coffee table. The shiney end table which is alllllll glass,Yum. The rough texture of the sculptured carpet and the woven blinds under the beautiful drapes.This is a room that is done very well .

All blue and cream with touches of dark wood to ground the room. Looks inviting!

This room has plenty of places to sit or lay if you want to take a little cat nap. I would love to sit in a room like this with just the right amount of blue.

Here is a wonderful attic space done by designer Candace Olson. This is the way to work a room with blue.

I found the use of these benches an interesting choice over a regular chair. The carpet is gorgeous and the table helps ground the entire space. I love a big bowl of crisp green apples and the view is not half bad either. Speaking of blue in its best form, water.

This wall color is a blue more on the gray side so it remains soothing to eye.

This dining room is on the turqouise side of blue which happens to be Pantones color of 2010. I am sure you have all already read about that.This room makes me smile.

Loving the black bed in this all blue room

Now this is what I call a Master Suite. Even though the room just has just touches of blue it still has just the right amount of blue for me.

All I can say is Yum! I just know that telescope is for looking out at the Ocean.

I don't feel Blue any more but I sure want to see more Blue rooms,How about you, do you like blue in your rooms?
"Enjoy the Process" of  Looking at BLUE