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Monday, August 5, 2013

Summer Decorating At My House

Summer vacations are just about over, but the Summer weather continues until October where I live so I still have some Summer decorating to do around here.

This past weekend I worked on my mantel adding a few summer elements to the mix.

I have to admit, my home usually looks dressed for Summer/Spring months because of my color scheme, but I still like to shake it up a bit.

summer mantel 2013 027c (800x535)
This is a fresh look for Spring, but I wanted to add a few elements that reminded me of summer.

In comes the beach……..

summer mantel 2013 027b (800x535)

Glass balls full of bubbles remind me of being under water!

Add a shell and it equals=

summer mantel 2013 027a (800x535)

Still simple enough for me without too much going on.

I also had a blueprint of a sailboat framed in a simple white frame, and mat with an inset of black with a white beveled edge.

I wanted the blueprint to stand out so I kept the framing simple.....

Here is a close-up......

 Seagoer 1913

Next will be the addition of a few summer pillows, hopefully they will be coming in this week.
As Always……
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