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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Colors That Are Swirling Around In My Design Brain!


navy, cobalt to turquoise blues

Lately I have had my head wrapped around
this color scheme…..

Azure - Turquoise - Cobalt - Sapphire

Cool colors that remind me of the Beach, ocean, and the sky.

beach cottage stained glass <3

I want some of these colors in my home.

I already have a good base to place these colors in my family room.

My sofa is blue and white ticking…

new sofa in room 001 (800x576)

A perfect base to add pillows in cool colors.

color splash
Would you like to see some of the pillows I have been looking at?

PicMonkey Collage

As always I am, “Enjoying The Process!” of coordinating fabrics for some summer pillows.
I am waiting for samples of fabrics so I can see how they read in the room.


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