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Monday, August 12, 2013



So True

Simplicity in design is not always an easy thing to do well. Just because there are usually less pieces to deal with, does not mean it is easy to  achieve an interesting and cohesive design.

I often use the term, Simple-Understated-Elegance, referring to my preferred style.

Today I am taking it a step further by showing you images of rooms that I find, “Simple!” Simple, yes, but very well designed.

plank walls  metal framed chandeliers simple, interesting

At first glance you will notice there is not a lot going on in the room, but look more closely at each, and every element, and how beautiful it marries to all the other elements in the room, producing a simple and cohesive design…….

Pure Style Home
Designed by Lauren Liess, Pure Style Home blog.

breezy hallway

collins interiors : bungalow

Architectural Digest - bedrooms - vaulted ceiling, French doors, transom, windows, tan, walls, ivory, drapes, fireplace, white, sofa, white, ottoman, striped, chairs, bedroom sitting area, bedroom lounge area,

Guest room-simple-all white

VERANDA simple kitchen, yet stunning at the same time. Bench seating, chandelier

love it all


I noticed in studying each image that there were certain qualities that they all offered……….

  • Interesting architectural details
  • Varied textures
  • Furniture silhouettes were varied
  • Quality pieces were used, but kept to a minimum
  • Patterns were kept to tone-on-tone geometric patterns
  • Each piece of furniture in the room had a function
  • Neutral backgrounds

Less is sometimes More!

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