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Sunday, August 12, 2012

What Is Simple-Understated Elegance?


There is a term I use frequently when describing the design aesthetics that I prefer, and hopefully have achieved in my own home……Simple Elegance, or Understated Elegance.

This is a term that might not have a clear definition in the dictionary, but the words…..







…..all come to mind. I think once we see a room with these qualities we will almost always recognize it as, “Simple, or Understated Elegance.”

I like my home, and even my wardrobe to reflect this aesthetic. 

Over the years I have grown to realize there is a very, very fine line that is easily crossed if one is not careful when trying to achieve this look.

Once crossing this line the room, or outfit will no longer fall into this category of Simple-Understated Elegance.

Today, I would like to show you some examples that I believe exemplify this design aesthetic……

This first image is not of an interior, or an outfit, but of an outdoor entry. 
As simple as this  looks it exemplifies so many of the reasons I mentioned above that represents, Simple- Understated elegance.

It is timeless, graceful, harmonious, restrained,  tasteful,and timeless.

As you look at all the following images, keep in mind the definition words I gave, and see which one’s you think apply to each image……..

Even though this image has primitive beams it still exudes simple, understated elegance. Notice the timeless pieces and the gentle curves of the the furniture. Simple, restrained, beautiful.

This next image is one of my all time favorites…….

Another favorite!

Before I leave you today I must mention a blog that exemplifies, “Simple Elegance,” completely and honestly. 

If you are not familiar with, "Tone On Tone," written by the ever-so-talented Loi, you must go and visit if you love this look as much as I do. 


For those of you who did not noticed a new little feature on my side bar, I will be showing a blog post that really inspired me during the week. 

This week, Tone On Tone,” is the very first blog to be featured, and rightfully so.

I hope you all are…… “Enjoying The Process!” in what ever you are doing this week.

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