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Wednesday, December 11, 2013



With all the Holiday parties coming up what is a girl to wear?

Most of us will be attending more casual affairs so how do you make a casual outfit look special and festive?

A plain white shirt, and a pair of jeans, or black pants can become special with the right accessories.

Today I am going to show you some fun accessorizes that might just add the right amount of sparkle, or pizazz your outfit might need.

Shall we start at our toes and work our way up?

My very talented DIL brought this first website to my attention. (she has a FB page for her business called, REVAMP, go HERE, and like her page and you will be able to get some of her great fashion ideas)

If you don’t want to go out and buy a new pair of shoes how about adding a shoe clip to an existing pair of pumps or flats that you already have….

You can find these and many other at a darling shop on ETSY called, ABSOLUTELY AUDREY!

For $20-$25 you can have a brand new look for your shoes.

Fur is another trend that is  being seen this year. I found these darling flats on Pinterest.  I clicked on the link to see where they came from, and I found they were $685. 

I don’t know about you, but that is waaaay out of my price range so I did a little investigation, and found this alternative.

This pom-pom is done in brown but you could do it in any color you like. This is a DIY project. Go HERE to find out how to do this if you like this look and want to save $675!

If you are looking for pom poms Ebay is a great resource. 

I also found these darling fur bows that could be made into shoes clips…..


I love stripes and sparkle so think how excited I was to see these next darling shoes?.......

Anthropolgie always have such unique items!

If you like a more subdued bit of shimmer how about just a bit of sparkle on the heel of this darling satin smoking loafers  from Ann Taylor? Enter HOLIDAY 40 code and you will get 40% off your entire purchase!

Are you getting excited for your next Holiday party? I know I am!!

Go out there and SPARKLE girls!!