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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My 2010 Christmas Dining Room

*Simple Sparkle*

My dining room is pretty versatile and can take on many different looks. Two years ago I chose a colorful look with pinks and red. Just click here!

Last year I took a more nature inspired approach. You may click here to see it, if you would like.

This year it was motivated by a piece that had lots of *sparkle.*

**This mirror!**

Christmas mirror 004 (800x600) 

Each little jeweled grouping reminded me of a snowflake . When I saw this mirror I had to get it because I knew this would be the center of my Christmas dining room table.

I worked on it and edited and edited. I wanted *sparkle* but not gaudy so editing became very important.

Here are some of the pieces that did not make the cut!

christmas dining room 2010 007 (600x800)
Hmmmm??? It is all *sparkly* and it is all the colors I love. Why is this not working?

Let me tell you why! All the elements in of themselves are probably perfect for that part of the room except for one important factor.

They say waaaaay too much. They are all saying. “Look at me , no look at me, no me!!!” I want *sparkle* and I want the mirror to be the star the base of the whole center piece so this is what I did……………

Blog Christmas 2010 029 (800x600)  I used what I call my neutrals of black and white with pops of green.

Clear simple glass candlesticks were used and instead of candles I used round ornaments. For extra *sparkle* I randomly placed stones that are varied sizes.
 They match the stone in the mirror this way I am repeating elements. You will also notice the repeat of the round shape in the ornaments,stones and the candlesticks.

  I kept the  color scheme tight by using black and white with green. I keep the continuity by using elements of *sparkly* stones, clear candle sticks and votives.

 The only pattern used here is in the black and white striped balls which is repeating the pattern in the ribbon and the green striped wallpaper.

 Now I am happy, this works for me!!

Blog Christmas 2010 039 (800x762)
I love the way it *sparkles* in the dimmed light. It is actually more *sparkly* in person. The light just dances in the stones and clear candle sticks.

Blog Christmas 2010 033 (800x597)
My attempt at being artsy. I captured this shot from a mirror hanging opposite the table. In this shot you can see where I hung my lanterns this year.

 I have a mirror on each side of my window and I chose to hang the lanterns on the mirror instead of the window like I did in last years nature inspired decor.

Blog Christmas 2010 035 (800x600)
Now you can see both sides of the window. I love these lanterns. Notice how the candle looks as if it is floating. It is actually on a very thin metal shelf.

 I used a simple black and white striped ribbon making a loose bow that has some greenery and a few small green balls in the center. I repeated the ribbon element by outlining my round table with the same ribbon. I simply pinned it on making sure the straight pins don't show.

So dear readers there is my Christmas dining room. I so appreciate your patience with me.

I still feel as if I did not capture the true essence of the room. I am very limited in my photography skills. In good conscience I could not keep you waiting any longer!

What would make this look even better is to have some loved ones sitting around visiting, eating and laughing. Now, that is what all this decorating is really about…… to make it an inviting environment for the people I dearly love.

Merry, Merry Christmas!


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Double Duty Christmas Wrapping

I love it when a Christmas gift has a double duty wrapping you know the kind of wrapping that serves a purpose other than to hide the gift inside. The actual wrapping is part of the gift also!!!

I found some great examples while traveling around in cyber space.
Here are some that I have found!!

5 (360x460) (360x460) (360x460)
This is one of my favorites. A good way to recycle and make the outside a gift in of itself!!!

1 dish towel (300x357)
Everyone always needs new dishtowels, why not use them as a wrapping!!!

2 (300x357)
How about a thriftying trip for sugar bowls and put candles inside! I would love one of these little lovelies wrapped in a pretty napkin!!!

3 (300x357)
Double duty gift tags. Very clever! Using key rings or even luggage tags would make a great gift tag.

If you put on your Christmas thinking cap I bet you can come up with some of your own double-duty wrappings.

Holiday Hints

  • How about a pretty scarf and use the matching gloves as the bow!?

  • A sock hat full of Christmas candy would be fun for the little ones at home.
  • Instead of a pretty ribbon, why not a fun belt!!!

The ideas are only limited by our own imagination!

“Enjoy the Process” Of:

Double-duty wrapping!!