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Saturday, May 24, 2014



I don’t care where we go on our trips one of the first things I want to do when I get home is spruce up my yard with fresh flowers and plants.

It never fails, I have always been inspired by the beautiful surroundings where we stay on our trips. 

Of course they all have full time gardeners sprucing them up daily, but I kind of forget that part by time I get home.

On Friday we went to Lowes and Home depot to get some flowers. Mainly impatiens. I always fill my front flower beds with impatiens every year.

family room, blue jay and flowers 026 (765x800)_thumb[3]
(This is last years impatiens planted in pink and white stripes!)

We waited until we got home to do the planting, but I think we are a bit late, I need two flats for my flower beds, and we had a very hard time finding any that looked half way healthy.

Our little truck bed was full of pretty pink, white and lavender goodness with a bit of purple thrown in for contrast….

It is going to be very hot here in California for most of the week it will be in the nineties, so I need to keep these babies moist and hydrated.

This is the flower bed next to the front porch where I like to sit in the mornings with coffee.

The little bubbling fountain in the upper left is a welcomed friend as well as the giant Meyer fern. 

This year I added some coleus with pink and purple in the leaves for  color, and textural interest. 

The Prayer plant, Calathea roseopicta 'Medallion.' Has wonderful dark and light green leaves with a purple underside. 

Summer front porch 2012 016 - Copy
Once the pink and white impatiens fill in I think it will look so pretty, if I can keep them alive in this upcoming heat!!

In the backyard impatiens were added underneath the Japanese maple tree. Hopefully by the end of summer they will be spilling out over the edges of the cobalt blue pot.

P1130937 (600x800)

The palm by my back door gets a bit of sun so I chose to use Dianthus in pinks at the base of the palm……

P1130938 (600x800)

More pink impatiens can be found next to another Japanese maple in the corner by my gate.

All these plants have really grown. I wanted the blue pot as a color spot, but it is barely peeking out this year.

P1130934 (753x800)

Below is the same corner from last year. You can see how much everything has grown!

I think they like this little corner under the letter P, which just happens to be an old vintage neon sign. 

Hopefully this year we will get some electricty so we can turn on the light.

Backyard Blues 018 (800x600)
This is what we are working on This Memorial Weekend!
Wishing you all a wonderful
Long Weekend!!