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Thursday, November 21, 2013



I have found there are three different camps when it comes to tree toppers……..




Shall we take a look at an example of each so you can see which category you fall under, or maybe you have your very own personal category that I have not mentioned.




Vintage Lighted Star Tree Topper
Remember the silver tinsel covered stars?


Vintage Angel Tree Topper or Wall Hanging Nice Condition Free Ship


tree topper idea from http://kristenscreationsonline.blogspot.com/

Now that you have see all three options I thought it would be fun to explore some different options for tree toppers just in case some of you need a little inspiration…..

Pine Cone Christmas Tree Topper
Perfect for those doing a woodland or rustic Christmas tree.

How to make a cozy Christmas tree topper. #diy #Christmas #holidaydecorating #topper #crafts
This would be wonderful if you are doing a Snowy theme or a Nordic Christmas. A cozy sweater knit covered star. I just noticed they hung it upside down, but to each their own!

Vintage Christmas Tree Toppers.  After searching for these for years, I was able to purchase 2 of these at Penneys this year.
These are the kind of tree toppers I grew up with. You can still find the vintage toppers at antique stores. 

Burlap Christmas Tree Topper -  Burlap Tree Topper, Burlap Bow Tree Decor, Burlap Topper, Burlap Decor, Bow Tree Topper, Burlap Bow
So many people in blogland seem to love burlap so this one is for them!

Even though I don't like white trees, this would look so cute as a classroom tree. Such a creative Christmas tree idea!  (love topper - unique to sell white tree)
I just had to share this one!!

I remember the very first time I saw a top-hat on a tree over on Pat’s blog, Back Porch Musings!
The entire tree was done so appropriately for this unique tree topper. For those of you that are not familiar with Pat’s blog, I highly recommend you start following her. 

She always does just the right amount of embellishing in her Holiday d├ęcor. A real treat not to be missed.

What You Should Never Hang on Your Christmas Tree
Karianne over on Thistlewood Farm blog, did not put her tree topper on the tree, but hung it ever so gently hovering above the tree.

After all a snowflake falls down from the sky!

Can mimick this look with the brown paper-covered letters from Hobby Lobbby...and just spray adhesive and sprinkle copper and gold mixed glitter. I would add picks though...lc agrees ....it needs something...some blendng....but then the tree is very simple also.  Lots of possibilites
I am a big fan of initials/monograms so this one is quite appealing to me.

Starburst tree topper out of pipe cleaners. Lots of cheap ideas for a beautiful tree
Clever use of pipe cleaners, and I love how it sparkles, Just another take on the star tree topper.

Great idea, I can easily make this! Bird's Nest Tree Topper #westelm
Being a bird lover this tree topper is just so sweet to me. I might add a bit of snowy sparkles just to make it show up more on my tree.

Like the idea of a teapot as a topper for the tea of two tree in the diningroom (next years addition)
For all of you Tea and McKenzie Child’s enthusiast.

My Personal Category 
I fall into  two of the categories:
Sweet memories.....For years we had a little cardboard, and felt Santa on the top of our tree, but over the years Santa lost a few of his parts so we had to retire him.

I opted for a simple white star……

Christmas 2011 005

Then last year I decided to use a Moravian Star theme, and I found the perfect tree topper for my tree……

2021 Christmas Tree 024 (800x544) ribbit

What camp do you fall under, Simple, Personal Memories, or Elaborate?