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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Creative Ways With Silverware & My Countdown!!


Thanksgiving is less than a week away so now we are going to have to get down to, “BUSINESS!”

Instead of jamming everything in one, or two days I like to stretch out the work a little bit at a time.

  • Order turkey
  • Order any fresh flowers needed from florist
  • If specialty produce is needed order it from the grocers.


  • clean out refrigerators ( you want to make sure you have room for all the fresh produce etc. that will be coming.)

  • clean out pantry

  • clean out spice cabinet  (Check the dates on the spices you will be using, buy fresh if outdated)

  • organize the coffee cupboard, and make sure all accoutrements are  available for guest.
2.vanilla creamer
3.sugar and sugar substitute.
4.tea bags
5. De-caf coffee

  • Clean off porch and patio
  • Plant fresh flowers in pots


  • Take out all recipes and make grocery list.


  • Grocery shop
  • Set up all tables and chairs


  • Iron napkins and table cloth
  • Set table
  • Get out all serving dishes

  • Do baked sweet potatoes (scoop out for Ruth Crist potatoes)
  • Do mashed potatoes(I put them in the crock-pot on Thurs and they are nice and hot for dinner,stir occasionally so the heat evenly)
  • mix up the dressing
  • Get turkey ready for tomorrow.

Source: bhg.com via Kathy Sue on Pinterest

Happy Thanksgiving!!! 
Let the games begin!!!
BTW: Just keeping it real here!! I am so not on schedule and waaaaay behind, but I have learned one very important lesson in life...... The Important Things Always Get Done!!!